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Member's Reviews

The Wolf Man, a review by addicted2dvd

The Wolf Man (1941)
The original horror classic that introduced one of the screen's most infamous monsters! Lon Chaney, Jr. portrays Larry Talbot, who returns to his father's (Claude Rains) castle in Wales and meets a beautiful woman (Evelyn Ankers). One fateful night, Talbot escorts her to a local carnival where Jenny's fate is revealed by a mysterious gypsy fortune teller. The dreamlike atmospheres and elaborate settings combined with a chilling musical score make 'The Wolf Man' a masterpiece not only of the genre, but for all time!

My Thoughts:
I couldn't have this classics marathon without watching The Wolf Man... my favorite of the classic Universal monster movies. I have watched this movie countless times since I got the boxset years ago. The boxset with The Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein, The invisible Man, The Mummy. Bride of Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon & Phantom of the Opera. This movie definitely has some classic horror greats with Claude Rains, Bela Legosi and Lon Chaney, Jr. I still can't believe they are making a remake of this movie... but I will try to remain open minded for it.

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: Oldies but Goodies on March 29th, 2008)

Member's Reviews

Clerks, a review by Rich


If you're in the market for what The Detroit News called "a lively comic adventure," Clerks delivers with wholesale hilarity! It's one wild day in the life of a pair of overworked counter-jockeys whose razor-sharp wit and on-the-job antics give a whole new meaning to customer service! Even while braving a nonstop parade of unpredictable shoppers, the clerks manage to play hockey on the roof, visit a funeral home, and straighten out their offbeat love lives. The boss is nowhere in sight, so you can bet anything can - and will - happen when these guys are left to run the store!

Original absurd college humour comedy, quite an interest viewing of what has become cultish.
At times warmly charming, at others bitingly offensive, but always very funny and watchable.
Infamously low budget, and shot in black & white, this movie is not recommended for the sensitive!

(From Riches Random Reviews on March 14th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete Second Season marathon, a review by Achim

16. Some Must Watch, While Some Must SleepMy Comments:
I had to think about the below rating for quite a while. I did not enjoy as much it while watching, only in retrospect do I see the possibility for this episode to redeem itself in the future :headscratch: I was originally going to rate this episode low for the stupidity of putting Sarah by this oh-so-big coincidence into the sleep clinic where she discovers that it's all a Skynet scheme.

So, yeah, I guess there are clues regarding the twist at the end, we just willingly ignore them and go for the obvious. I suppose Dana going up in flames should have given me the wake up call, but still, how could we discover the truth here when the guard was so clearly set up to be dead during the two previous episodes. It feels like a cheat to me. Look he's dead; no he's not. Doh.

I guess seeing this on a second viewing in the future may have the redeeming features fully unfold, but for now it feels like a lazy filler. I may be missing it through the disappointment right now, but what did we gain with this episode? Only that Weaver is now aware of Sarah getting close and wants her dead...? Too little.

(From Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete Second Season marathon on February 21st, 2010)