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Member's Reviews

The Mob, a review by Antares

The Mob (1951) 78/100 - Found this over on YouTube, and though it really is more of a crime film than a noir, I have to say that I really enjoyed this. Broderick Crawford does a good job as the undercover cop who infiltrates the docks, looking for mob related activity. You can see the beginnings of his Highway Patrol character Chief Dan Mathews, from a few years later starting to emerge. The most fun part of the film is spotting some of the better character actors of the fifties and sixties in minor roles. Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, John Marley, Neville Brand, Emile Meyer, Lawrence Dobkin and Frank De Kova all have small, but interesting roles in the screenplay. It's a fast paced film that never relents in keeping the story engaging and involving. Toss in some very good camera work and you've got one of those hidden gems from the vaults of Columbia Pictures.

Teal = Masterpiece
Dark Green = Classic or someday will be
Lime Green = A good, entertaining film
Orange = Average
Red = Cinemuck
Brown = The color of crap, which this film is

(From Antares' Short Summations on November 12th, 2014)

Member's Reviews

Curse of the Wolf, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Curse of the Wolf
Year: 2006
Director: Len Kabasinski
Rating: NR
Length: 105 Min.
Video: Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital Stereo
Subtitles: N/A

Lanny Poffo
Darian Caine
Brian Heffron
Pamela Sutch
Renee Porada

A young woman, Dakota (Renee Porada) has finally found a way to "control" her Lycanthrope metamorphosis and desires to live a "normal life". All might be well if not for Dakota's "pack", who wants a different life for Dakota... to live in werewolf immortality and hunt with them forever!

Scene Access

My Thoughts:
I felt like watching another movie from the Mortuary of Madness boxset I bought this past October. I have been kinda looking forward to this one just going by the cover art for the movie. But of course, at the same time, I went into this movie with no expectations what so ever. There was things I liked about this one... as well as things I disliked. First of all... too much music! The production value was a bit low... the main problem I had with this was the fact that the night scenes where too dark to see what was going on for the most part. And of course the acting could have been better for most parts. But I did enjoy the storyline. And I also liked the mixture of martial arts in this movie. While it could have been much better... it was enjoyable. I am glad I watched it.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: 12/11-12/13 on December 13th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

The IT Crowd: Version 3.0 - (mini) marathon, a review by Achim

"IT department. Have you tried turning off and then on again?" :hysterical:

1. From Hell
A great start into the third series, showing right away that Graham Linehan still has it in him (which he will hopefully keep proving throughout the next episodes). Was laughing at the opening credits (had forgotten about them) and then the laughs just kept coming.

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(From The IT Crowd: Version 3.0 - (mini) marathon on July 31st, 2009)