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Member's Reviews

Roman Holiday, a review by Danae Cassandra

Roman Holiday
Year of Release:
Directed By: William Wyler
Starring: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert
Genre: Romance, Comedy

There is an old saying: "See Naples and die...see Rome and liveMy Thoughts:
This is a charming, entertaining film.  It is Audrey Hepburn's breakthrough role, and it won her a best actress Oscar.  She is luminous and perfect, and it's hard to imagine anyone else there.  Peck plays his cynical reporter well, but you can easily imagine Cary Grant in that role.  This is Hepburn's film all the way. 

While it's a lovely film, warm, kinda dreamy, it would have been even better filmed in color, and that's the biggest criticism I have.  The black and white cinematography doesn't really pop like Technicolor would have.  Still, as a romance it's a sweet, innocent little feel-good film.  It would not be made the same way today, either with the innocence of the romance or with our protagonists choosing responsibility and duty over their own desire.  Times have changed.  Worth seeing for Hepburn's performance, the iconic scenes of her and Peck spinning around Rome on a scooter, and as a lovely daydream; but don't bother if you can't take a bittersweet ending.

Bechdel Test: Fail

Overall: 3.5/5

(From Within My (Mom's) Lifetime Marathon on July 12th, 2015)

Member's Reviews

Dracula, a review by GSyren

TitleDracula (US: Horror of Dracula)
DirectorTerence Fisher
StarsPeter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough
OverviewChristopher Lee and Peter Cushing, Britain's premier masters of the macabre, bring the Horror of Dracula to vivid, full-color death in this retelling of Bram Stoker's spellbinding vampire tale. Dracula (Lee), a centuries-old nobleman damned to an eternal half-life, travels from his native Transylvania to London. In the lurid nightlife of his adopted city, he finds new victims. He also finds Dr. Van Helsing (Cushing), a scientist who becomes the Count's implacable foe in a deadly game of bat-and-mouse.
My thoughtsHammer's first Dracula outing changed forever how Dracula was portraid in movies. This is Christopher Lee's cinematic breakthrough. Before this he had only played minor parts, and the monster in Curse of Frankenstein, but this was the first time that he really got a chance to shine. And playing against him is the great Peter Cushing. Some have complained that Jimmy Sangster's script leaves out and/or changes too much of Bram Stoker's story. But that's unfair because it's necessary to transform a story when adapting a book. The latest Blu-Ray release of Dracula is a great restoration of an old classic, and includes two short sequences that was thought to be lost, but was found in a damaged Japanese print. A great classic film, and some very good extras makes this a must for serious film collectors. Unfortunately this release seems to be region B only, but I assume it will be released in the US eventually.

(From Reviews and ramblings by Gunnar on March 26th, 2013)

Member's TV Reviews

"Big Bang Theory" Marathon, a review by Rick

1. Pilot
Synopsis: The two theoretical scientists Leonard and Sheldon get a new Neighbour: Penny, a waitress in The Cheesecake Factory. And suddenly two galaxies begin to crash into each other.

My Thoughts: The opening 2 minutes alone sets up the show perfectly. Sheldon's idea for a t-shirt is great. I think Penny learns everything she need to know abotu her new friends when they tell her they play Klingon Boggle. HA! Luke Skywalker Conditioning Shampoo.

Favorite line: Sheldon to Leonard at the end: "I don't know what your odd are in the whole world but as far as this car goes you're a veritable Mac Daddy"

Great start. All of the characters are set up nicely. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

2. The Big Bran Hypothesis
Synopsis: After he's seen the chaos that is Penny's appartment, Sheldon cleans it (and Leonard helps him) during the night while Penny's sleeping. Naturally she freaks out when she realizes what they've done.

My Thoughts: Leonard comes out at night after hearing what seems to be a noise with his light saber. It's really funny cause he seems to honestly think it would help him if someone was there.  :laugh: Penny begins to define her relationships with all of the guys and how they interact through out the show. It's good to see what they set up now continues true to form throughout the rest of the season (and hopefully into S2. I also like the way she messes with them as a group (something else they continue). When they are redesigning the TV stand and she says
(click to show/hide)

Favorite lines:
Howard in the hallway "[Speaking Russian]"
Penny: "I'm Sorry?"
Howard: "Haven't you ever been told how beautiful you are in flawless Russian?"
Penny: "No, I haven't"
Howard quickly replies: "Get used to it"
Penny a bit creeped out replies: "Yea... I probably wont" 

3. The Fuzzy Boots Corollary
Synopsis: After having no luck with Leslie, Leonard tries to ask Penny out to a date. But she totally misinterprets the invitation, thus not considering it a date.

My Thoughts: Another great beginning to an episode (The four of them playing an online game on their laptops). The openings to each episode are entertaining enough!

The exchange between Leonard & Sarah Gilbert (Leslie) discussing a date was really funny. How they break it down to it's pure fundamental elements and then reach a conclusion was perfect.

Favorite Line: Sheldon to Leonard as Leonard came in from giving Penny her mail: "Penny for your thoughts"

The Luminous Fish Effect
Synopsis: Sheldon gets canned after he's insulted his new boss in his very own - and typical - way. But he uses his time off to invent new things the world was waiting for, e.g. a luminous fish as a night light.

My Thoughts: Not my favorite episode but still very funny. The egg experiement was great, especially the conclusion
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  Laurie Metcalf's character is good but for me it is hard to believe someone so deeply rooted in logic and science as Sheldon is could have such a religious upbringing.

Favorite Lines: Sheldon to Penny after his failed egg experiment:
Penny: "Hey, I'm running out to the market, do you guys need anything?"
Sheldon: "Oh... this would be one of the circumstances that people who aren't familiar with the law of large numbers would call a coincedence"

5. The Hamburger Postulate
Synopsis: After they been practicing with their classical instruments, Leonard sleeps with Leslie and is now torn between his fantasy about Penny and the prospect of having a real relationship with Leslie.

My Thoughts: Re: Opening where they are reenacting the civil war with the aid of Orcs, Godzilla, Superman and apparently a pair of Hindu Gods - Could these guys be any more geeky?  :hysterical:

Leslie is a great character. Flash freezing a banana for her cereal cause she didn't have a knife. Great stuff.

Sheldon and Penny together absolutely crack me up and once again they have my favorite line in the show.
Sheldon: "I need your opinion on a matter of semiotics
Penny: "I'm Sorry?" (a line she uses a lot!)
Sheldon: "Semiotics - the study of signs and symbols. It's a branch of philosophy related to linguistics"
Penny [speaking slowly]: "Okay, sweetie, I know you think you're explaining yourself but you're really not"

6. The Middle Earth Paradigm
Synopsis: Penny invites the four - Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj - over to a Halloween party and Leonard hopes that he can present himself in another light during that party.

My Thoughts:6. I have to admit, the fisrt time I saw this episode I was just about to have an asthma attack when they all came in with their costumes.
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Reachin for the puffer... tryin to get my breath back  :hysterical:

Sheldon studying the group of party goers and comparing it to Jane Goodall studying apes, and explaining his costume all night.. LOL funny. He really plays his character great. These guys just don't know how to fit in with the average person and they know it, Except Howard that is  :laugh: He thinkgs he is quite the ladies man.

Leonard taking on Penny's old boyfriend with the help of his "wingman" was a great scene too. The classic brains against brawn.

Favorite lines (Couldnt' pick one this time):
Sheldon: "[giving his audio clue to help people figure out his costume, the doppler effect]"

Leonard: "That's how we roll in the shire"

On to disc 2  :thumbup:

(From "Big Bang Theory" Marathon on September 28th, 2008)