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Member's Reviews

The Ghostdancers, a review by addicted2dvd

Weekend Movie Marathon
Anything to do with ghosts/hauntings is probably my second favorite horror sub-genre. This type of movie is great to watch alone in a dark room... and if you are really lucky there will be a storm outside. This weekend I decided to watch...

The Ghostdancers: After Dark Horrorfest
After a drunken night of dancing on graves, a group of friends are haunted by three havoc-minded ghosts bent on revenge.

My Thoughts:
After the initial scene's action the story slowed down quite a bit till the scene in the graveyard where they dance on the graves.  But once that scene was done the movie definitely picked up! I feel that this is a very good ghost story. I wouldn't say the best I ever seen... but definitely enjoyable.  There was even a couple things that I really didn't see coming... which is always a good thing! The release has a nice collection of extras including trailers for other releases from the After Dark Horrorfest, Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, Storyboard Comparison, and a commentary. This is one that I feel comfortable recommending to any horror fan.

My Rating:
Out of a possible 5:


(DJ Doena: spelling in thread title corrected)

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: Ghosts/Hauntings on January 30th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

The Lost Boys, a review by Tom

     The Lost Boys (1987/United States)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Warner Home Video (Germany)
Director:Joel Schumacher
Writing:Janice Fischer (Story By), James Jeremias (Story By), Janice Fischer (Screenwriter), James Jeremias (Screenwriter), Jeffrey Boam (Screenwriter)
Length:93 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 2.50
Audio:English: Dolby Digital 5.1, German: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, Spanish: Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Subtitles:Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Jason Patric as Michael
Corey Haim as Sam
Dianne Wiest as Lucy
Barnard Hughes as Grandpa
Ed Herrmann as Max

After moving to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is frequented by vampires.

Saturn (1987)  Best Horror Film
Young Artist Awards (1988)  Best Young Actor in a Horror Motion Picture (Corey Feldman)
Young Artist Awards (1988)  Teenage Favorite Horror/Drama Motion Picture
Saturn (1987)  Best Costumes (Susan Becker)
Saturn (1987)  Best Makeup (Greg Cannom, Ve Neill, Steve LaPorte)
Saturn (1987)  Best Supporting Actor (Barnard Hughes)
Saturn (1987)  Best Younger Actor (Corey Haim)
Young Artist Awards (1988)  Best Young Male Superstar in Motion Pictures (Corey Haim)

  • Production Notes
  • Scene Access
  • Trailers

My Thoughts:
Even though it has a very 80s feel to it, it otherwise has aged very well. Especially the effects and vampire makeup). It is a very good vampire movie. I was surprised to see Bill from Bill & Ted as a vampire here.


(From Tom's Horror Marathon 2012 on October 7th, 2012)

Member's TV Reviews

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Marathon , a review by Critter

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Plot: Buffy arrives in Sunnydale and is not happy to meet her new Watcher, Rupert Giles. A mysterious "friend" offers guidance, but Buffy resists her destiny until Willow and Jesse are abducted. Buffy saves Willow from an ordinary vampire, but loses track of Jesse in a confrontation with Luke, the Master's vampire vessel.

My Thoughts: As far as pilots go this one has never been up there with my favourites. It's a solid start to the series but I have always felt Buffy starts to shine the most as a show around halfway through season 1. This episode is a great improvment to the 'Unaired Pilot' which I once saw and does interestingly leave the episode on a cliffhanger, which means the pilot is almost shown over two episodes instead of one. Not many shows I have watched end a pilot episode on such a cliffhanger but I think it works well here. I found myself laughing at quite a few of the lines in this one. The show may be outdated by quite a lot now, and we know that the way teenagers speak changes over the years but that quirky way that characters seem to speak in Whedon shows never seems to get old. Like I said, this is a solid start to the show but compared to some of the Buffy episodes to come it is certainly not one of the stronger ones.

Rating: 3/5

(From Buffy The Vampire Slayer Marathon on May 17th, 2010)