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Member's Reviews

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, a review by Jimmy


Title: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Genre: Horror
Director: Tobe Hooper
Rating: NR
Length: 1h41
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1:78.1
Audio: English
Subtitles: English, French and Spanish

Dennis Hopper
Caroline Williams
Jim Siedow
Bill Moseley
Bill Johnson

n 1974, horror fans rejoiced upon the release of Tobe Hooper's brutal masterpiece, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The movie razed the stakes of in-your-face filmmaking an literally changed the face of horror. Twelve years later, Hooper got the saws buzzing again with this deviously entertaining sequel, starring Oscar® nominee* Dennis Hopper in one of the most deliciously crazed performances of his career. In this outing, Hooper splatters more blood, more guts and more gore...and takes the genre to new heights of deranged – and delightful – terror!

For a decade, Texas Ranger Lefty Enright has sought to avenge the brutal murder of his kin by the cannibalistic Sawyer family – Leatherface, Chop – Top, Cook and Grandpa. With the help of a radio DJ who's also bent on putting an end to the terror, Lefty finds his way to the Sawyers' underground butchershop, where a battle of epic proportions soon rages...and the line between good an devil gets chopped to bits!

My Thoughts:
God I hate that film, worst thing to appear in that franchise (I bet even the remake in 3D released this year is better than that). Bad acting even Dennis Hopper is crappy in that... but it was made at the time of his drinking problem so at least he had a reason to suck that much. Over acting after over acting. Tobe Hooper should be ashamed to have turn his great movie as a joke. Awfull waste of time, but considering it was produce by Golam-Globus this isn't really a surprise (common they are the guys who had destroyed Superman and Death Wish).

Avoid like the plague unless you are a completist like me.

Rating :

(From Jimmy's - 2013 Ooctober Horror Marathon on October 15th, 2013)

Member's Reviews

Reincarnation, a review by addicted2dvd

:laugh: Well you will be glad to know that even though I do enjoy both... the original is definitely better!

And I think I would like to watch the original one again... possibly late at night when everyone else is asleep... as I had several interruptions during the movie... and I am sure that took away from the experience as well.

Good for you! There's hope for you yet... ;)

Maybe this one will give you a little more hope for me Jon?  :P

Title: Reincarnation
Movie Count: 31
TV Ep Count: 6
Time Started: 6:30am
From the director of 'The Grudge' and 'The Grudge 2' comes an eerie tale of a hotel with a terrifying history. Thirty-five years after the slaughter, a film director returns to the scene of a mass murder to recreate the gruesome killings on film. As he and his crew step into the now abandoned hotel, the cast members begin to see creepy visions and nightmares. When shooting commences, the cast members begin to suffer very familiar fates - the exact fates they are to act out in the film!

My Thoughts:
This is my very first taste of actual Japanese Horror (Before now just had the American remakes to go by). The main reason I been hesitant is the fact that I do not like subtitles... I am too slow of a reader to be able to enjoy a movie that I must read. But after seeing a lot of knowledgeable friends talk so much about how great some of these foreign horror movies are I had to finally see for myself. Unfortunately I may not have gotten the best Japanese horror to start out with... as this movie was a bit confusing and on the weird side. But I have to admit... the atmosphere of this movie is remarkable. This movie had the kind of atmosphere that Hollywood movies has seemed to of forgotten many years ago! I actually felt a few decent chills from a horror movie... something I haven't felt from horror in quite a while!

Even though the movie itself could have been better.. and having to pause and rewind a little several times in the movie to see what was said... I definitely see I need to add more foreign horror into my collection! With any luck I will get used to subtitles with time... and hopefully learn to read a bit faster as well.

My Rating
Out of a Possible 5

(From My Month Long Horror/Halloween Marathon: 2008 on October 9th, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

The X-Files Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

The X-Files: Season 1

13. Beyond the Sea
Original Air Date: January 7, 1994
While investigating a kidnapping case, Scully and Mulder encounter a death row inmate who claims to have psychic abilities. He informs the agents he will help solve the case if his sentence is reduced.

Guest Stars:
Brad Dourif as Luther Lee Boggs
Don Davis as Captain William Scully
Sheila Larken as Margaret Scully
Lawrence King as Lucas Henry
Fred Henderson as Agent Thomas

My Thoughts:
This is a good episode. I think Brad Dourif did a great job as Boggs. Seeing Scully wanting to believe was interesting for a change so early in the series.

My Rating:

(From The X-Files Marathon on April 8th, 2010)