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Member's Reviews

Sherlock Holmes in Dressed to Kill, a review by Dragonfire

Sherlock Holmes in Dressed to Kill

I watched this movie when I found it on one of the movie channels I get.  This is the first of the Sherlock movies with Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone that I've seen.  I did enjoy the movie and would like to try to see more of them.

The plot isn't too complicated and mostly straight forward, dealing with three music boxes and a group of criminals that are desperate to get them back.  The mystery is interesting, though it could have been slightly stronger.  Overall, it is entertaining. 

Sherlock and Watson work well together in the movie, though it is clear that this version of Watson isn't as bright as some of the others I've seen.  He's nice enough, but he is rather clueless at times.  Sherlock demonstrates his intelligence in a few ways without coming across as arrogant like has happened in one or two of the other Sherlock movies I've seen.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie and I'm glad I decided to watch it.

I did post a review on Epinions if anyone would like to take a look.

Sherlock Holmes in Dressed to Kill

(From Marie's Random Movie Viewing on August 17th, 2011)

Member's Reviews

The Wrestler, a review by Rich

The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke gives the performance of a lifetime as pro wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a former superstar now paying the price for twenty years of grueling punishment in and out of the ring. But he's about to risk everything to prove he has one more match left in him: a re-staging of his famous Madison Square Garden bout against "The Ayatollah." Darren Aronofsky directs a powerful cast in this action-packed saga of guts, glory and gritty determination that is "as irresistible as a headlock" (New York Post).

Gritty, enlightening view of the wrestling world away from the glitzy shows you see on television.
Rourke's performance is absolutely incredible, for a written off actor to deliver such an amazing portrayal is astonishing, and his character is so brilliantly portrayed you find it painful to witness his fall from grace and his day to day survival. Tomei also puts in a first class (and sexy) performance as a tired and bitter stripper, her downfall mirroring the Rams.
With a superb soundtrack, moving storyline, frightening insight into the wrestling world and it's drug enhanced performers, dark humour and in-depth character portrayals, this is an absolute must see for everyone. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

(From Riches Random Reviews on May 17th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Disc 2

Synopsis: During the repair of a food replicator, Chief O'Brien accidentally activates a hidden device that was planted there during the construction of the station 18 years ago. This device injects a virus into each replicated food. After the incubation time people start to babble incoherently, then they get fever and die. Even worse: At some point the virus has mutated and has become airborne. Now the entire station is in danger.

My Opinion: It was an average episode, but we've seen Odo and Quark working together for the first time and that was fun.

Captive Pursuit
Synopsis: The first visitor from the Gamma Quadrant comes through the wormhole but he is not on a diplomatic mission. He is the prey in a hunt and the hunters are closing in. But he is no criminal nor did he do anything wrong - not even by the standards of his home world. He was bred to be the prey. The longer he stays alive and eludes his captors the more honour he brings to himself and to the hunter that kills him at last.

My Opinion: Genetically implemented "To the death!" mentality will become a common theme in DS9 and I think the characters handled this situation very well. They've bend the Prime Directive ("no interference in the business of other cultures unless asked to") without breaking it. I don't think Picard could have handled it better.

Synopsis: When the Runabout-class shuttle Ganges returns from the Gamma Quadrant they bring someone with them: Vash. Vash is a archaeologist who is more in the game for the money than the science. A few years back she accepted an offer by the godlike being Q to show her all the interesting places in the universe. Now she's back and Q with her. And Q always equals trouble.

My Opinion: Unfortunately this was the only appearance of John de Lancie in his role as Q on DS9. Stories with Q have mostly been interesting and this was one of them, especially (again) to point out the differences between Picard and Sisko. I really liked it when Sisko punched Q square in the face and he wasn't expecting that.

Synopsis: Three men try to kidnap Jadzia Dax from the station and bring her to a court. Jadzia Dax is a Trill, a symbiotic joined species with a humanoid host and a slug-like symbiont. When the host dies the symbiont will be transplanted into a new one. The former being - and mentor of Cmdr. Sisko - Curzon Dax has died a few years ago but now Jadzia is charged for a murder where Curzon is the prime suspect. But can Jadzia Dax being held responsible for something Curzon Dax supposedly did?

My Opinion: I liked that episode. It reminded me of the TNG episode where it was discussed whether or not Data - as an artificial life-form - has the right to make his own decisions. They had some compelling arguments for both sides and since the minds of host and symbiont have been truly merged it isn't as easy as it would be with Stargate SG-1's Goa'uld/Tok'ra. I also find it fascinating what we will learn about Curzon throughout the show without ever meeting him (except for that short flashback in the pilot).

(From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Marathon on September 20th, 2008)