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Member's Reviews

Bad Dreams, a review by Jimmy

Title : Bad Dreams (1988)

In the mid-70s, the members of the love cult Unity Fields sought 'the ultimate joining' by dousing themselves with gasoline and committing mass suicide. A young girl blown clear of the fiery explosion was the only survivor. Thirteen years later, Cynthia ('Jennifer Rubin' of 'A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET' 3) awakens from a coma inside a psychiatric hospital with only buried memories of that horrific day. But now, her fellow patients are each being driven to their own violent suicides. Has the sect's hideously burned leader ('Richard Lynch') returned to claim his final child, or is something even more depraved lurking within her BAD DREAMS?

My Impression
An ok movie, but nothing special. The story is too predictable and the acting is weak (except for Bruce Abott but he can do much better and Richard Lynch), Jennifer Rubin is sure a good looking girl but she can't lead a movie, Dean Cameron is anoying like he always is, some things doesn't make sense at all and the cult aspect is deal with too fast.

Not bad per se but less than average.
Rating :

(From Jimmy's 2010 Horror Marathon on October 2nd, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Shadow Zone: The Undead Express, a review by addicted2dvd

Shadow Zone: The Undead Express
Out of the darkness, the grim reaper appears in a graveyard among headstones and gargoyles. Elegantly cloaked, but masked by shadows, his eyes burn yellow as he tells us we all have a little evil inside us. Take Zach Kincaid...

A lonely and intense 14-year-old horror movie junkie, Zach ('Chauncey Leopardi') is a good kid but a little confused as a result of his parents' recent break-up. Perhaps for this reason, he often tends to stretch the truth. His friends, J.T. Heffernan, a computer geek, and Gabrielle "Gabe" Lattanzi, a lovely, intellegent athlete, humor Zach, but knoe just how much to believe.

On the way home one weekend, Zach becomes lost on a deserted subway platform. When he stops for directions he is attacked, but recued in the nick of time by Valentine ('Ron Silver'), a self-styled vegetarian vampire from the turn of the century. Finding cold comfort in Valentine's assurance of protection, Zach runs for the first available train. Unfortunately he steps onto the Undead Express, which is full of vampires who are not, appartently, vegetarian...

My Thoughts:
This is the second time I watched this since I bought it. The first time during my month long horror marathon last month. This morning I decided to watch it with Brittany to see what she thought of it. I enjoyed this movie just as much this time as I did the last time I watched it. Sure it is not big on scares or Gore... but it is a fun movie that is good for the whole family. This movie would make a great addition to your Halloween tradition for your family. Brittany really enjoyed this one as well. She is glad I wanted to show it to her.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: 11/21 - 11/23 on November 22nd, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

Pete's Pilots, a review by addicted2dvd

Ghost Whisperer
Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a young newlywed with the unique gift to communicate with spirits of people who have died - a talent that was inherited from her grandmother.

The dead seek out Melinda's ability to help them relay significant messages and information to the living. Despite her fear, compassion compels her to help these earthbound spirits cross over by completing their unfinished business with the living. Relive these amazing journeys in all 22 first-season episodes.

Melinda is haunted by the spirit of a restless soldier who died 30 years ago in Vietnam. She helps the veteran and his living son find closure.

My Thoughts:
A wonderful series... one of my all-time favorites. This series is what made me a big Jennifer Love Hewitt fan.... as while I did hear of her before I really wasn't that familiar with her until this show. In the early episodes the show was focused more on the dramatic touching storylines. But it didn't take long for it to become more then that. To put some eerie scenes into the show. To put an over-all story arc. If by chance you never seen this show... I highly recommend it.

My Rating:

(From Pete's Pilots on January 26th, 2010)