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Member's Reviews

Pet Sematary 2, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Pet Sematary Two
Movie Count: 33
TV Ep Count: 13
Time Started: 1pm
Sometimes dead is better. But the shocking terror that plagued Ludlow, Maine in Pet Sematary is still very much alive in this heart-stopping sequel to the 1989 hit film written by Stephen King.

After the death of his wife, veterinarian Chase Matthews (Anthony Edwards, TV's "ER") and hsi 13-year-old son Jeff (Edward Furlong, "Terminator 2: Judgement Day") move to Ludow to rebuild their lives. Antagonized by the neighborhood kids, Jeff befriends another outsider, Drew Gilbert, who lives in fear of his cruel stepfather Gus (Clancy Brown, "Highlander"). After Gus cold-bloodely shoots Drew's beloved dog, the boys bury the body in the local Indian burial grounds - a place rumored to have powers of resurrection. When evil is awakened, the boys realize that sometimes you should just let dead dogs lie.

My Thoughts:
I figured since I watched the first one I would go ahead and watch the sequel too. I enjoyed this movie... but not nearly as much as the first one. I would say... that in my opinion this one is just an average horror movie. Worth the time putting into it... but not something I would be in a hurry to pick up. More like something I would grab if I found cheap... probably on an impulse buy. That said... it is still a movie I enjoy watching now and again... but not one that I feel the need to watch every time I watch the first one.

(From Month-Long Horror/Halloween Marathon on October 11th, 2007)

Member's Reviews

The Ides of March, a review by Dragonfire

The Ides of March

I decided to go see this even though I really don't like politics.  The movie works overall as a decent thriller, though I do think that certain things about the story could have been handled better.  There are a few minor surprises, but things end up being predictable.  Despite that, I still enjoyed the movie overall.  It did move slower, and I did feel like it was longer than it really needed to be. 

The characters are sort of interesting, though most of them don't receive that much attention.  Steven Meyers, the guy working on the campaign who fully believes in his candidate is the most developed character.  The movie is really about him and certain things he comes to realize.  The acting is really good, though a few of the cast don't get enough to do.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and think it is worth seeing.

I did get a review posted at Epinions.

The Ides of March

(From The Ides of March on October 28th, 2011)

Member's TV Reviews

[Rerun Marathon] Spaced, a review by Tom


This is the first time I'll watch this series since Shaun of the Dead was released. I saw it two years before that and it was the reason, I went to see Shaun of the Dead in the theater.
Even after the great Shaun of the Dead this series still holds up. It's even funnier than I remember it. Also great camera/editing work. And also great visual gags (like the Velma and Shaggy scene  :laugh: ).

(From [Rerun Marathon] Spaced on October 20th, 2007)