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Member's Reviews

Get Him to the Greek, a review by Critter

Get Him to the Greek

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Plot: A record company intern is hired to accompany out-of-control British rock star Aldous Snow to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater.

Cast: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Aziz Ansari, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs.

My Thoughts:
I never planned on seeing this film but I ended up going last night in a group of 6 people (I didn’t choose this film in particular). Get Him to the Greek was essentially a strange sort of spin-off to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, only not a spin-off in the traditional sense as Jonah Hill plays two different characters in both of the films. I have never really been a fan of Jonah Hill but he did manage to hold his own in this film against Russell Brand which is no mean feat, I would be lying however if I said that Brand didn’t steal the show.

Overall I was a bit unimpressed with this film, it did have some very funny moments but I went in expecting a somewhat shallow piece of light entertainment and that’s exactly what I got. It’s not something I could see myself viewing again anytime soon but it was a fun way to pass 2 or so hours with friends. I just felt that not a lot really happened in this film, a lot of scenes seemed to drive it in no direction at all and some of the jokes seemed to be added in as an afterthought. In the end there was a handful of funny moments to carry this along and Brands performance is enough to keep you at least interested until the end of the film but I just didn’t enjoy this one as much as say, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


(From Get Him to the Greek on June 22nd, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Clerks, a review by DJ Doena

May, 20th

Brian O'Halloran    ...    Dante
Jeff Anderson   ...    Randal
Marilyn Ghigliotti   ...    Veronica
Lisa Spoonhauer   ...    Caitlin
Jason Mewes   ...    Jay
Kevin Smith   ...    Silent Bob
Scott Mosier   ...    Willam the Idiot Manchild

Synopsis: Dante is a convenient store clerk who isn't supposed to work today but has to come in anyways. Together with his friend Randal who works at the neighbouring video store he philosophizes through the entire spectrum of topics while unwillingly "serving" customers. When they don't work (which they mostly don't) and don't philosophize they play hockey or drive to a wake or talk to friends and girlfriends. And so the day goes by...

My Opinion: I got the idea of watching this again when I stumbled across the "ABC" dance video of Clerks II. It's funny how a movie is able to not to have an actual story and still be very entertaining for 92 minutes. I have always loved the part where they discuss the morality of destroying a Death Star while it's still under construction and thus having a lot of external contractors like roofers and plumbers are on board. ;)

(From DJ Doena's movie watchings 2009 on May 20th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Birthday Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6
Older and Far Away
When Dawn feels that nobody wants to spend time with her, she makes a wish in front of a Vengeance demon (posing as school counselor) that everyone would stay with her. During Buffy's birthday party, Dawn's penchant for shoplifting is discovered while the gang tries to figure out why nobody is able to leave the house.

My Thoughts:
This is the last "Buffy's Birthday" episode of the series. And a very good one at that. I always enjoyed every minute of this episode the several times I have watched it. There is something that seems familiar about the woman that plays the Vengeance Demon... other then here on Buffy. I do know she was on Buffy several times.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Birthday Marathon on May 28th, 2009)