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Member's Reviews

The Mummy's Hand, a review by Danae Cassandra

The Mummy's Hand
Year of Release: 1940
Directed By: Christy Cabanne
Starring: Dick Foran, Peggy Morgan, Wallace Ford, Eduardo Cianelli, Tom Tyler
Genre: Horror, Comedy

In this chilling follow-up to the original classic, a magician (Cecil Kellaway) and his beautiful daughter (Peggy Moran) finance an expedition of American Archaeologists, led by Steve Banning (Dick Foran) and Babe Jenson (Wallace Ford). The team travels to Egypt in search of an undiscovered tomb. At first, they are thrilled to find a 3,000-year-old mummy. But soon they learn that when the moon is full the mummy goes on murderous rampages - unless they can find a way to destroy their greatest find.

My Thoughts:
This quite a bit more comedy than horror. Indeed, except for an origin story at the beginning, the mummy doesn't appear until about half way through the film. Until then, this is almost an Abbot and Costello script of two bumbling adventurers and a pretty dame. Indeed, it almost seems like the character of Babe was written as a character for Costello, minus the cowardice his characters often have.

Worth watching as a part of Universal's classic Mummy films, but not an actual classic the way the first one is. It does establish the rest of the franchise, however, so if you're going to watch the later films you'll want to watch this first. Just don't expect it to be anywhere as good as the Karloff film.

Watched For: Hoop-tober 3.0, Horror/Halloween Challenge 2016

Bechdel Test: Fail
Mako Mori Test: Fail

Overall: 2.5/5

Horror/Halloween Challenge Films: 13/52

(From Horror/Halloween 2016 Challenge on October 8th, 2016)

Member's Reviews

Being Julia, a review by Silence_of_Lambs

Being Julia  

Tale of amorous folly and revenge set in the world of the London stage in the late 1930's. Reigning diva Julia Lambert's (Annette Bening) success and fame grow suddenly wearisome. She falls head over heels for a young American, Tom (Shaun Evans), and begins a passionate May - December affair. When she realizes that Tom is just a young social climber whose real passion is ambitious young starlet Avice Crichton (Lucy Punch), Julia begins to plot a delightful revenge.

My Thoughts:
The summary really (nearly) says it all, the original material is by W. Somerset Maugham, so no real surprises in the plot are to be expected.
The first time I partially watched this movie was when I accidentally zapped into it on TV. I arrived to enjoy the preparations for the revenge with the final execution of the career of a young actress. Until I finally watched the complete story on DVD I had to ask myself: "What might this girl have done to deserve this?"
What really is great about this movie is the extremely good and ambitioned acting starting with Annette Bening as aging actress over Jeremy Irons as her husband and Michael Gambon as ... let's call it "the spirit of inspiration". The whole cast is extremely well chosen and all down to the tiniest supporting role are doing an amazing job here, which alone is worth watching.

Highly enjoyable

My Rating: (out of possible 5)

(From Michael's random reviews on October 31st, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Charmed Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Disc 4:

12. Charmed And Dangerous
The Source taps into the ultimate power of the Hollow, which consumes all magical powers, to unleash an ancient evil that goes after the sisters powers.

My Thoughts:
This is a very good episode... this is the episode that The Charmed Ones finally taken on The Source. And also opens up a new chapter in the Cole story.

13. The Three Faces of Phoebe
When Phoebe casts a spell to decide if she should marry Cole, she faces her past and future, while Cole is unable to control the evil growing within him.

My Thoughts:
Another good episode. I liked the spell that Phoebe cast that brings her young self and her old self to help her decide what to do. Even though I don't like the Cole character... I must admit the storyline is still a good one and I am getting into it. But as I said... the Cole's story is good and the character is important to the series.. but something about him, himself I don't like. I thought maybe it was the actor portraying Cole... but I like him in Fantastic Four. So that must not be it.

14. Marry-Go-Round
Phoebe fights with her sisters on her wedding day while The Source, which has completely taken over Cole, orchestrates a demonic ceremony.

My Thoughts:
A good episode... but not as good as expected when considering it is such a huge episode to the storyline. You can already see in this episode that Paige is starting to see a problem with Cole. She just don't know what that problem is.

15. The Fifth Halliwell
Paige, who feels like a fifth wheel among her happily married sisters and husbands, becomes convinced that Cole is still a demon.

My Thoughts:
A really good episode. I liked how Cole had Paige not knowing what to believe. This is also the episode that starts off Phoebe's long running career as a advice columnist.

(From Charmed Marathon on June 29th, 2008)