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Member's Reviews

Star Trek: Generations, a review by addicted2dvd

Star Trek: Generations
Stardate: the 23rd Century. Retired Starfleet officers James T. Kirk (William Shatner), Montgomery Scott (James Doohan) and Pavel Checkov (Walter Koenig) are guests of honor aboard the newly christened Enterprise-B. A test run takes an unexpected turn, however when the starship encounters two vessels trapped inside the Nexus, a mysterious energy ribbon. During a perilous rescue attempt, Kirk is swept out into space.

Seven decades later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the crew of Enterprise-D rescue an El Aurian physicist named Soran (Malcolm McDowell). Unbeknownst to Picard, Soran harbors a deadly plan that includes the destruction of the Enterprise and millions of lives. Now Picard's only hope for a future rests within the Nexus...and a legendary captain from the past.

Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spinder, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden costar in this "cosmic hit that all generations will love." (Pat Collins, WWOR-TV)

My Thoughts:
I always been a fan of Star Trek... much more so then Star Wars even though that series of movies is good as well. Unfortunately I do not have much in my collection from the Star Trek franchise (only movies 7-10 and a few vol. of the original TV Series as well as 2 seasons of TNG [Damn expensive boxsets!] :voodoo:). I enjoyed this movie... even though I wouldn't say it is the best Star Trek movie out there.... it is still fun. I actually enjoyed watching the 2 Enterprise crews in the same movie. But there is some things I didn't like about it also. I especially didn't like Data's emotions chip.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5


(From Weekend Movie Marathon: 3/20 - 3/22 on March 21st, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Gone With the Wind, a review by snowcat

Gone With the Wind – 1939

Running Time: 224 Minutes / 238 Minutes (including the Overture, Intermission and Exit Music)
Director: Victor Flemming
Stars: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh



A classic American Civil war Film shows the run up to, subsequent Civil war and the aftermath. The film is told from the side of the white southerners. Who used to their rich lifestyles find it hard to cope when everything is briefly reversed.

Lead character Scarlet O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) is the daughter of an Irish immigrant who from humble beginnings now owns a plantation called “Tara.” Scarlet is infatuated with neighbour Ashley Wilkes, who although attracted to her is about to marry his cousin Melanie Hamilton. At a party announcing their engagement Scarlet meets rogue Rhett Butler (Clarke Gable) soon after this the civil war breaks out. We then follow scarlet as she becomes a nurse during the war and subsequently decides to go back to home to Tara to find her parents, The film then continues to tell Scarlet's story as she tries to make a living in the aftermath of the war and her subsequent marriages.

Gone With the Wind is based on a novel of the same name, and the first scripted version was so long that it would have needed over 6 hours of film. The screenplay writer Sydney Howard  rewrote the script but refused to leave New England whilst filming commenced meaning the small rewrites needed were handled by local writers. The writes to make a film of the book were bought just a month after its release for  $50,000 a record at that time. It took almost two years for director Victor Flemming to decide on a lead actress to play Scarlet although the choice of Rhett seemed to come more easily.  Many scenes were re-filmed due to lighting issues with the opening scene being filmed five times. It is said that Flemming had to pay $5,000 at the time due to Gable's use of the word “Damn” in the film.

Gone With the Wind features a variety of standout characters from Mammy the O'Hara families outspoken housemaid who often tells Scarlet exactly what she thinks. Mammy and the other house and field workers have been subject to racial debates, stating that these characters seem to lack independent thought, personally I disagree Mammy is a strong character who seems to enjoy her work no matter how riled she gets. Hattie McDaniels who played Mammy also went on to win an Oscar becoming the first black female to do so. Scarlet O'Hara is a strong willed woman who we only grow to like when we see her compassionate side, she helps Melanie maybe or selfish reasons but helps none the less and I really feel her character eventually warmed to Melanie.  Finally Rhett Butler, the loveable rogue of the film He seems to genuinely love scarlet and the later on in the film we see a completely new side to him, both Clarke Gable and Vivien Leigh were nominated for best actor and actress at the Academy awards, with Leigh winning and Gable losing out to  Robert Donat for his role in Goodbye, Mr Chips        
The Soundtrack was composed by Stephen Foster and features a array of music, some of the most memorable pieces are played at the beginning “The Overture” in which a still picture is shown, during the “Intermission” in which a still picture is shown and finally during the “Exit Music”

When I first started watching Gone With the Wind I thought “How am I going to sit through four hours of this? I even got to a point where I said “I can’t do this” but I made myself continue, as the war began to start I got engrossed I could not take my eyes of the film, I was actually enjoying it and became thoroughly impressed with it. I grew to like Scarlet and even Rhett, and if you can sit through the early stages then go for it, it is a classic after all.

(From Emmas Alphabet Marathon Reviews on July 1st, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's Random Reviews, a review by Tom


Title: RTL Samstag Nacht: Das Beste aus Staffel 1
Year: 1993
Rating: FSK-12
Length: 800 Min.
Video: Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio: German: Dolby Digital Stereo

Wigald Boning
Esther Schweins
Olli Dietrich
Tanja Schumann
Stefan Jürgens
Mirco Nontschew

My Thoughts:

Just finished watching this set. "RTL Samstag Nacht" was the German incarnation of Saturday Night Live which was produced during the 90s. Like in its American counterpart, most sketches were more miss than hit, but the lasting effect this show had is still perceivable today. It made way for all the German comedy show that followed and a lot of the catchphrases from this show are still used today. It also made a lot of comedians household names.

This set calls itself "Best of Season 1". But what it really is, is a season set which includes all 25 episodes from season 1 but which were cut from their musical guests and some comedy acts due to licencing reasons and some skits which are not shown in current reruns because of other problems (mainly with the church).

Rating:  :) (due to its nostalgia bonus)

(From Tom's Random Reviews on March 2nd, 2008)