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Member's Reviews

Nine Lives, a review by KinkyCyborg

Title:Nine Lives
Year: 2001
Director: Andrew Green
Rating: R
Length: 85 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: 2-Channel Stereo
Subtitles: English

Rosie Fellner
Vivienne Harvey
Paris Hilton
Patrick Kennedy
David Leitch

Nine friends seclude themselves in an old, isolated Scottish mansion for a birthday party weekend bash. Cut off from the outside world by a snowstorm, they explore the old mansion and stumble across a book containing a history of the old estate. Formerly belonging to an old Scott patriot, the house was taken away and his eyes were gouged out. Though they pay no attention to the gruesome chronicle, strange behavior soon invades the group and one by one they disappear.

Scene Access
Feature Trailers
Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:

A terrible script, for a terrible movie with a terrible cast headlined by a terrible person, Paris Hilton.

Have I mentioned before how much I despise Paris Hilton? The highlight of this movie was that she was the first one killed off which raised a raucous cheer out of me!   :yahoo: The rest of the movie was a shambles of bad acting and ridiculous dialogue which seemed more like improvisation and ad lib.

The title might have said Nine Lives but this movie will never get more than this one viewing out of me. 



(From KinkyCyborg's Random Reviews 2010 on September 14th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Coraline, a review by Dragonfire

From the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas comes a visually stunning stop-motion animated feature - the first to be filmed in 3-D! Discover how the filmmakers and artisans created the magical handmade world of Coraline, exclusively in this 2-Disc Collector's Edition!

Coraline Jones is bored in her new home until she finds a secret door that leads her into a world that's just like her own. . .but better! But when this fantastical adventure turns dangerous and her "other" Mother tries to keep her forever, Coraline must conunt on her resourcefulness and bravery to get home.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this movie, though it is rather twisted and dark, especially for an animated movie.  I don't consider this a good choice for younger children.  The plot is interesting and makes for an entertaining movie, but aspects of it may be too dark for some viewers.  There are some rather disturbing images that turn up every so often as well.  This movie isn't going to appeal to everyone.  The story does have a bit of mystery to it as well as some suspenseful moments.  The animation is very well done.

My biggest issue with the movie is the way some of the characters are depicted.  It is harder to like them, even Coraline, because of how they act at times.  I get that she isn't happy about the move, but she does come across as a brat at times.  I do think she gets more likable as the movie progresses.  Coraline's parents aren't much better, especially her mother.  She is just shown in a perpetual bad mood, always snapping about something and only caring about her work.  Coraline's dad is a little better, but he is very focused on his work too.  With the way they act, it is easy to see why Coraline is so tempted by the other parents.

I did not see this movie in the theater.  My DVD does have the 3D version too and even came with 4 pairs of the glasses.  I tried the 3D version, but it wasn't that great.  I only noticed a few images that really worked for the 3D.  The color change because of the glasses was very extreme and did get annoying.  After a while, my eyes started hurting and I just gave up on the 3D version, flipping back to the normal version instead.  I'm sure the 3D worked much better in the theater.  I have seen a few other movies in 3D in the theater, and they worked well without the color distortion because of the different glasses.  I also haven't had my eyes start hurting in the theater.  Unless technology gets better, home viewing of 3D is lousy.

Overall, this is a good movie for people who don't mind something that is a little twisted and dark.


I did get a review posted on Epinions if anyone wants to take a look.


(From Dragonfire: What I've Been Watching on September 10th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

NCIS Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

NCIS: Season 1: Disc 4
Marine recruiters are being killed by a sniper, and the team tries to find the killer before he strikes again.

My Thoughts:
This was a really good episode... I really enjoyed every minute of it.  This episode shows you just how good snipers can be trained to be.

The nude, bound bodies of young Naval officers are being discovered off the roads leading to Norfolk.

My Thoughts:
This was a basic good episode... nothing that really stood out to be special... but enjoyable all the same.

Gibbs' former commanding officer, AWOL from Iraq, enlists Gibbs' help in uncovering a dangerous conspiracy.

My Thoughts:
Another good episode. This one has a decent mystery story to it as well as all the usually you expect from the series.

An unknown terrorist enters the NCIS headquarters and takes several members of the team hostage.
My Thoughts:
This one remains one of my favorites... and it starts what turns out to be a rather long arc for the series... over a season and a half! Even though that sounds like it would get old... it really doesn't. Not only because it is a really good arc.. but because they don't feel the need to constantly focus on it.. instead they will go a up to several episode without hardly even mentioning it You can tell it is still there... but it not only takes the center story away from it... it also only uses the slightest reminders in those episodes.

Season 1: Disc 5

The body of a young officer is found at the scene of an underground rave.

My Thoughts
A good episode... but not one I particularly found to be all that special. Just a good basic episode.

An ex-Navy Seal, convicted of killing his wife, escapes from Leavenworth to pursue the real killer.

My Thoughts
This one was a really good episode... it had me glued to my seat for the whole episode.

An N.C.I.S. team member is found murdered while exploring a cold case.

My Thoughts:
Another episode that was really good.

A Marine is kidnapped and systematically tortured, and the team tries to find him before it is too late.

My Thoughts
This is one of the great episode... another one that I was really glued to my seat while watching it. I have to admit... this one did have me guessing who was guilty the first time I watched it.

Season 1: Disc 6
A Marine is found murdered by an anti-tank weapon, and the investigation leads NCIS to a local militia group.

My Thoughts:
A good basic episode... even though they couldn't resist putting that hard to believe landing of the body in there.. but I have to admit... as hard as it was to believe... I still found it to be a fun aspect of the death. Which I would only image was the point... put a little fun into it.

A Navy SEAL is found dead under mysterious circumstances on the eve of a top -secret mission.

My Thoughts:
Another good episode. Though I do have to admit I figured it all out slightly before they solved the case.

Gibbs' determination to track down the terrorist from 'Bete Noire' becomes an obsession that concerns his entire team.

My Thoughts:
This was a decent episode... though I do have to admit I wasn't completely thrilled with the ending... not for a season finale anyway.

Season 1 Thoughts:
This really was a great start to an awesome series. There is even a nice amount of extras to enjoy along with the episodes. The set was done right. The only real complaint I have is that this is another series that does not have a play all function.

(From NCIS Marathon on December 6th, 2007)