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Member's Reviews

Nothing in Common, a review by Rich

Title: Nothing in Common

Genres:Comedy, Drama

Plot:Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason and Eva Marie Saint are unforgettable in the story of a young, ambitious executive whose life is surprisingly affected by the break-up of his parents' marriage. Co-starring Sela Ward, Bess Armstrong and Hector Elizondo.
Because of his talent, charm and wisecracking sense of humor, David Basner (Hanks) is a self-made man on the fast track. He loves his job, his bank account is healthy, and women find him irresistible. Then his father Max (Gleason, in his final film performance) calls to give David the news that he and David's mother Lorraine (Saint) are calling it quits after 35 years. Now, besides the pressures of his own busy life, David has the new responsibilities of taking care of his crotchety dad and emotionally supporting his mother. Through these experiences, David gains a new understanding and appreciation of his parents, with whom he thought he had nothing in common.
Below average comedy that feels like a cheaply made tv sitcom despite the big name stars. Hanks is below par, but it is an over indulgent self-apprecaiting performance by Gleason that really turned me off to the movie.
The plot is undercooked, the scenes disjointed, and the film feels incredibly dated from its mid-eighties debut. Eva Marie Saint does her best with a weak script, but overall I felt director Garry Marshall missed the mark on this, but I did like his following huge hits like Pretty Women, Beaches and Overboard.
My Rating

(From Riches Random Reviews on January 24th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

The Time Traveler's Wife, a review by Tom

Title: The Time Traveler's Wife
Year: 2009
Director: Robert Schwentke
Rating: 12
Length: 107 Min.
Video: Widescreen 2.35
Audio: English: Dolby TrueHD 5.1, English: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English

Eric Bana
Rachel McAdams

Lose yourself in timeless love with this gloriously romantic story of the journey of two hearts. Artist Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams of The Notebook) shares a deep emotional bond with Henry De Tamble (Eric Bana of The Other Boleyn Girl), a handsome librarian who travels involuntarily through time. Knowing they can be separated without warning, Clare and Henry treasure the moments they have together, imbuing them with the yearning and passion of two people imprisoned by time... and set free by love. Based on the #1 bestseller The Time Traveler's Wife weaves together destiny and devotion, past and future to turn an extraordinary love into an extraordinary love story.

Scene Access

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this movie. The pacing is similar to Rachel McAdam's other movie I have seen: "The Notebook".
The time-travel aspect has been used well. I didn't notice any obvious mistakes on the writer's part.


(From Tom's Time-Travel Movie Reviews on April 24th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Tom's TV Pilots marathon, a review by Tom

     The Greatest American Hero: Season One (1981/United States)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Anchor Bay Entertainment (United States)
Length:440 min.
Video:Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio:English: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

William Katt stars as mild-mannered high school teacher Ralph Hinkley whose close encounter with aliens leaves him with a super-power suit that only he can control. But when Ralph loses the instruction manual, the safety of mankind is left in his fumbling hands. Now with the help of his attorney girlfriend Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca) and FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), the world's most unlikely flying crime fighter is ready for action. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO!

and Faye Grant co-star in the Emmy-nominated '80s hit created by Stephen J. CannellThe Greatest American Hero
1.01 The Pilot
Writer: Stephen J. Cannell (Original Characters By), Stephen J. Cannell (Writer)
Director: Rod Holcomb
Cast: William Katt (Ralph Hinkley), Robert Culp (Bill Maxwell), Connie Sellecca (Pamela Davidson), Michael Pare (Tony Villicana), Faye Grant (Rhonda Blake), Richard Herd (Adam Taft), G. D. Spradlin (Nelson Cory), Ned Wilson (Col. Shackelford), Bob Minor (John Backe), Edward Bell (David Knight), Jesse D. Goins (Cyler Johnson), Don Cervantes (Poco Rodriguez), Robby Weaver), Brandon Williams (Kevin Hinkley), Hank Salas (Brother Michael), Robert Dunlap (Officer), Jeff MacKay (Officer Cowan), Jason Corbet), Roberta Jean Williams), Jody Lee Olhava), Robbie Kiger), Carol Jones (Susan, the Babysitter), Ed Deemer), James King), Corkey Ford), John Caliri), Lydia Fernandez), Cheryl Francis)

Overall a good pilot episode, but it dragged in some places. I have had this series for a few years now but I am still stuck in the beginning of season 2.
The actors are good. I love Robert Culp as Bill. He is probably the most fun character. Connie Sellecca is very easy on the eyes.


(From Tom's TV Pilots marathon on June 27th, 2011)