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Member's Reviews

Backfire, a review by Antares

Backfire (1950) 62/100 - For a good part of this film, I couldn't make heads or tails as to what the hell was going on. At first, I kind of liked the flashback narrative, that is, until the flashback involved a very stereotypical Chinese butler recounting his portion of the tale on his deathbed. It also wasn't very difficult to figure out who "Lou Walsh" was going to turn out to be. I also think this is the first time I've watched Ed Begley stumble through a performance. He's usually pretty good, but here, he's kind of a buffoon cop. Lastly, prior to watching this, I'd only seen Viveca Lindfors in roles from the 1970's and onward. I never realized how beautiful she was in her younger years, and how much she kind of looked like Ingrid Bergman.

Teal = Masterpiece
Dark Green = Classic or someday will be
Lime Green = A good, entertaining film
Orange = Average
Red = Cinemuck
Brown = The color of crap, which this film is

(From Antares' Short Summations on November 22nd, 2014)

Member's Reviews

Bad Boys II, a review by KinkyCyborg

Title:Bad Boys II
Year: 2003
Director: Michael Bay
Rating: R
Length: 147 Min.
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.40:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital: 5.1, French: Dolby Digital: 5.1
Subtitles: English, French

Martin Lawrence
Will Smith (1968)
Jordi Molla
Gabrielle Union
Peter Stormare

Hang on for maximum mayhem, full-on fun and the wildest chase scenes ever put on film! The action and comedy never stop when superstars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith reunite as out-of-control trash-talking buddy cops. Bullets fly, cars crash, and laughs explode as they pursue a whacked-out drug lord from the streets of Miami to the barrios of Cuba. But the real fireworks result when Lawrence discovers that playboy Smith is secretly romancing his sexy sister, Gabrielle Union (Bring it On).

Director Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon) and producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Carribean, Black Hawk Down) deliver a high-speed, high-octane blockbuster that will blow you away! "...Year's most action-packed and high-flying flick." (Shawn Edwards, FOX TV).

Scene Access
Feature Trailers
Bonus Trailers
Deleted Scenes
Music Videos
Storyboard Comparisons
Closed Captioned
Script for selected sequences.

My Thoughts:

Bad Boys, Bad Boys... whatcha gonna do?

Great action in typical Michael Bay fashion but by mid-movie I was wishing for two different leads. Will Smith's dialogue seemed completely centered on proving how cool, how hip, how fly, how dope he is and it was starting to get annoying.

It's time to put Martin Lawrence to the acid test by putting him in a dramatic role and see if he can act outside of the pathetic, whining, goofball characters he always seems to be cast as. At least Will Smith has some range.  ::)



(From KinkyCyborg's Random Reviews 2010 on July 22nd, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Pete's Pilots, a review by addicted2dvd

The Facts of Life
A spin-off of the tremendously popular "Diff'rent Strokes," THE FACTS OF LIFE is the hilarious series that follows housemother Mrs. Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae) and her mission to instill values in the girls of Eastland School. The large first season cast included John Lawlor, Jenny O'Hara, Lisa Whelchel, Felice Schachter, Julie Piekarski, Kim Fields, Molly Ringwald, Julie Anne Haddock and Mindy Cohn. By the second season, the show focused on Mrs. Garrett and just four Eastland girls - spoiled Blair, gossipy Tootie, wise-cracking Natalie, and newcomer to the group, rebellious Jo (Nancy McKeon). Under Mrs. Garrett's guidance, these four go from wide-eyed school girls to mature young women ... all while learning THE FACTS OF LIFE! Guest stars include the cast of "Diff'rent Strokes," Helen Hunt and Richard Dean Anderson of TV's "MacGyver."

Rough Housing
While new housemother Mrs. Garrett gets a visit from the Drummonds, tomboyish Cindy is nominated to compete against Blair for the title of Harvest Queen.

My Thoughts:
First let me say one thing I hate about this show. The theme song. Everytime I hear that damn thing it is stuck in my head for hours. Though the first season does have a slightly different version that isn't quite as bad for this. And unfortunately Brittany loves this show... and every once in a while I hear her singing this damn song! The first season also has Tootie always on roller skates. I personally prefer this show in the second season on when they lower the numbers of the girls in the house.  But these episodes are fun too. The pilot episode has the cast from Diff'rent Strokes which this show is a spin off from. The episode also has one of the girls struggling with homosexual feelings.

My Rating:

(From Pete's Pilots on January 25th, 2010)