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Member's Reviews

Underworld, a review by DJ Doena

March, 7th

Kate Beckinsale    ...    Selene
Scott Speedman   ...    Michael Corvin
Michael Sheen   ...    Lucian
Shane Brolly   ...    Kraven
Bill Nighy   ...    Viktor
Erwin Leder   ...    Singe
Sophia Myles   ...    Erika

Synopsis: For centuries Vampires and Lycans (Werewolves) have been fighting and killing one another. Selene is a Death Dealer, a Vampire specialized in the hunting and killing of Lycans. But her latest hunt brought up several mysteries. The Lycans have suddenly guns that can fire bullets containing a light-emmiting liquid - fatal for Vampires. Where did they get those? And why were they following that Human who seems important to them? And Lucien, the ruthless leader of the Lycans, is supposed to be dead for 600 years. But is he actually dead?

My Opinion: What I really like about this movie is it's style. The look of the snobbish Vampires versus the more ragged look of the Lycans. The darkness and the rain and the soundtrack. The story and the acting is ok, but not overwhelming. But if one wants to have a nice brain-free evening with a lot of shootings and a bit of mythology in the mix, this is the movie for it.

(From DJ Doena's movie watchings 2009 on March 7th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Batman Begins, a review by Eric

Batman Begins

My Thoughts:

It's been a while since I watched a Batman movie and I was not really impressed with the previous one which I found a bit weak compared to the first and second ones of the "modern era" so I was a bit apprenhensive about this one.   It turned out that I had no reason to be afraid as I really enjoyed the movie.

I particularly like the first 30-45 minutes because they really showed you the beginning.  It's only after almost one hour that you finally see Batman.  They could have made it another action pack from beginning to end Batman movie with a young Batman, fortunately they didn't fall into that trap which IMO makes it a good movie.

Of course ones batman showed up then it was the usual action pack stuff which is very well done if you like that kind of things.  One thing that really bothered me is the close up moving cameras..........god do I hate that.  I know it's supposed to make me feel like I'm part of the actions but I'm not and I know it.  I'm sitting on my butt with a remote in one hand, a beer in the other one and bowl of pop-corn on my thighs.  Nobody's hitting me, nobody's shooting at me, nobody's trying to kill me and no matter what they do I will not feel like I'm part of the action because I ain't that stupid.  However when I sit to watch a movie I would very much like to see it and those very close and moving cameras really don't show you anything.  You see there's a lot going on but you don't really know what.

Anyway, that of course is a matter of taste and although I prefer a more conversational method of filming I did enjoy the movie and I recommend it.

One thing that I can't leave uncommented.  Although it's a not the same movie as the first one, not the same actors, not the same director and not the same anything we can think of.  It is the same character and it is the story of the same man.  in the first movie, there's a flash back scene where you see Wayne's parent being killed.  That scene takes place outside after they went to a movie, as I recall Bruce Wayne even still has pop-corn in his hand.  Then his parents get killed by the Joker who then points a gun at him and asks him if he ever sings with the wolves at night or something like that, I don't recall the exact sentence.

In Batman Begins, his parents get killed after a night at the opera, not a movie.  Then the killer just runs away, he doesn't point his gun at Bruce Wayne and doesn't ask the wolves question and it's unlikely that it was the Joker because the movie shows you that they're killed by some common thief.

Writers should be more careful about continuity in sequels.

(From Eric's DVD watching. on March 15th, 2009)

Member's TV Reviews

Smallville Marathon #2, a review by DJ Doena

Disc 3

Synopsis: Ian is a very ambitious student and he wants to have a scholarship from LuthorCorp. For this he kills one of the teachers after he recieved a "C" and he dates both Lana and Chloe - at the same time. Clark is not the only one with a secret. He tries to warn his friends but they misinterpret it.

My Opinion: I enjoyed that episode, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement) did a good job. But I especially enjoyed that Clark put a foot down. When he warns them about anything, he means it. Unfortunately they didn't really listen as one of the following episodes will show.

Synopsis: During a motocross race with Pete Clark accidentally falls into the Kawatche caves. The Kawatche are an old indian native american tribe and they have legends surrounding a man coming to Earth in a rain of fire who will protect mankind. Unfortunately LuthorCorp plans to build an office tower on that very spot. Then the foreman get killed by a wolf and the thing gets mysterious.

My Opinion: The Kawatche caves will become a major story location in the future and I like the idea that someone has been on Earth long before Clark. The question remains how that person could possibly know that and how Clark would arrive on Earth. The fact that Clark has fallen in love with someone was unfortunately a dead giveaway of who would be gone by the end of this episode (one way or the other).

Synopsis: First Whitney is declared MIA then he suddenly appears in Smallville and wants to revive his relationship with Lana. Unfortunately he has lost some memories due to a war injury. Clark is suspicious because some things don't add up and he investigates on his own.

My Opinion: Déjà vu. As I said they didn't really listen (at least Lana didn't). I always like it when characters aren't forgotten and after Ryan was Tina (X-Ray) the second person who has made another appearance. Unfortunately this was the last appearance of Eric Johnson on the show, his character Whitney is now officially KIA.

Synopsis: Lionel has bugged Lex' office to spy on him and now Lex wants to return the favour. But the operation gets out on control, when the "bug team" takes Lionel and Martha hostage and tries to open Lionel's safe. A police squad stands ready but Clark finds his own - and very unique - way into the building.

My Opinion: When I saw this for the first time I hadn't suspected that Lionel had the octagonal disc. I think they never explained how he got his hands on it. But know we know for sure that not only Lex is experimenting with the meteor rocks, but Lionel as well. One wonders how much Lionel knows about Clark at this point.

(From Smallville Marathon #2 on May 24th, 2008)