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Member's Reviews

Easy Rider, a review by addicted2dvd

     Easy Rider: Special Edition: 30th Anniversary (1969/United States)

Columbia TriStar Home Video
Director:Dennis Hopper
Writing:Peter Fonda (Writer), Dennis Hopper (Writer), Terry Southern (Writer)
Length:95 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio:English: Dolby Digital: 5.1, English: Dolby Digital: Dolby Surround, Commentary: Dolby Digital: 2-Channel Stereo
Subtitles:Chinese, English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

Peter Fonda as Wyatt
Dennis Hopper as Billy
Antonio Mendoza as Jesus
Phil Spector as Connection
Mac Mashourian as Bodyguard
Warren Finnerty as Rancher

  • Scene Access
  • Audio Commentary
  • Feature Trailers
  • Featurettes
  • Gallery
  • Production Notes
  • Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:
I been a bit curios about this title... heard a lot of good things about it over the years... so thought it was about time to check it out. According to IMDB this was  released in the US in July of '69. So I was about 2 months old at the time. So needless to say this movie is not one that portrays a time that I am really familiar with. While I did find it to be an interesting piece... it seemed more slow to me then anything else. I mean not so bad that it made it hard to watch. But it seemed like I was waiting forever for something to start happening. About an hour into it I realized this is not that type of movie... and stopped waiting for anything big to happen. And then the final moments of the movie hit... and I was like... huh? Where did that come from? This isn't a film I could see myself watch often... but I could see myself watching it again.

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From The Movies from Within My Lifetime: 2012 Edition on December 29th, 2011)

Member's Reviews

Grumpy Old Men , a review by Dragonfire

Grumpy Old Men

Next-door neighbors John Gustafson and Max Goldman are Grumpy Old Men.  And since they're played by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, they're also Funny Old Men.  The stars of the film The Odd Couple pair up again in this hilarious and heartwarming story of neighborhood curmudgeons whose long-running feud becomes an all-out rivalry when an attractive widow (Ann-Margret) moves into the house across the street.

Snowy Minnesota provides the setting as Max and John unleash an uproarious blizzard of practical jokes and zingers.  Burgess Meredith, Daryl Hannah, Ossie Davis, Kevin Pollak and Buck Henry add star-packed support to snow packed shenanigans that "will cure your blahs and jump start your heart" (Rex Reed, New York Observer).

My Thoughts

This was one that I wasn't really interested in seeing when it first came out.  I ended up seeing it on television eventually and really liking it.  I've seen it several times since then and decided to pick up the DVD when I found it cheap.

The plot is somewhat simple, but it manages to work as an entertaining movie.  A few minor complications pop up with a problem John is dealing with and his daughter's marriage problems.  The main focus is the contentious friendship between John and Max.  They are rather nasty to each other most of the time, calling each other names and doing stupid stuff to irritate each other.  Things get worse when they both decide that they are interested in Arial, the woman who just moved in across the street. 

Most of the humor comes from the relationship between John and Max.  They are always calling each other names and insulting each other in humorous ways.  Some of the things they do are silly, but that works for the movie.  The movie is a lot funnier than I expected it to be before I first saw it.  When I watched it this last time, I was having a snack.  One of the funnier moments happened and I almost choked when I started laughing with a mouth full of food.  So I would suggest snacking while watching this one with caution.  Much like I can't snack and watch Big Bang Theory.

Several scenes involve ice fishing, something I can't imagine ever doing.  Sitting in a little shack on a frozen lake trying to catch a fish just doesn't seem fun to me.  But John and Max spend most of their free time doing it.  The things tied to ice fishing that are shown are sort of interesting though.  There is basically a little town of fishing shacks on the frozen lake.  The movie takes place during the winter in Minnesota, so there is also a lot of snow around and it looks really cold, so that part of the movie is realistic.

The characters, while not always likable, are interesting.  John and Max are definitely grumpy, though they show nicer sides as well.  Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon are wonderful in the parts.  They work well together.  Arial is nice and it is believable that both men would be interested in her.

There are a few bloopers that play during the closing credits that are funny.  The only extra are a few production notes that can be read about the making of the movie and some of the cast. 

Grumpy Old Men

(From Grumpy Old Men on September 13th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

Sliders Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Season 4: Disc 5


Quinn's body is not his own when the Sliders arrive in a world where his is expected to act as an organ donor for his injured double.

My Thoughts:
This is a very good episode. In this episode Malcolm Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show) gust stars as a clone... where in this world they create clones to harvest for people when transplants are needed.

My Rating:

The serene town of Middletown hides a deadly secret of human sacrifice that threatens to claim Rembrandt and Maggie.

My Thoughts:
Another episode I enjoyed quite a bit. Though I must admit that the ending... what the chasm leads to was a little bit of a let down. But over all... was worth the watch.

My Rating:

An unusual slide forces Quinn and Maggie to prematurely age, and it's up to Rembrandt to find a cure before they are destroyed by life in a "bubble universe."

My Thoughts:
This is a good episode... but not one of my favorites. they try something a little new in this episode... by having their slide (well Quinn and Maggie's stress while in the slide) creating a world.

My Rating:

An aging sci-fi writer helps Quinn and Colin reunite with their birth parents, but the warm family reunion is not what it seems.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this season finale. Quinn and Colin think they are finally home. I did have one problem with this episode. Every time before when they opened the vortex it was stationary. But this time they open it while being on the top of a moving train... and instead of the vortex staying still and them moving away from it... the vortex followed behind the train to let them jump in. I know... it is a sci-fi show and anything is possible... but it just wasn't being true to all the episodes before it.

My Rating:

(From Sliders Marathon on December 18th, 2009)