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Member's Reviews

JCVD, a review by Rich

Title: JCVD


Plot:Washed-up, fighting bankruptcy and caught in the midst of a desperate struggle to win his daughter back from the jaws of a bitter custody battle, Van Damme unwittingly becomes embroiled in a dangerous bank robbery led by a gang of armed and violent criminals.
Trapped inside, Van Damme is framed for the robbery and the murder of innocent hostages. Now he must win the approval of the crowd as well as the trust of the police if he is to survive this deadly heist!
With a killer mix of action, murder, mayhem and no shortage of laughs JCVD delivers with the impact of a roundhouse kick to the face! Van Damme is back and this time he¿s taking no prisoners!

My Review:
Awful self-indulgent Van-Damme film, this actor has not made a decent film for several years and this rates down at the bottom of the heap.
The idea to promote JCVD as a vehicle to demonstrate the leads serious acting skills backfires, it becomes a slow and boring film heavy with dialogue, with a jumbled and disjointed plot, clumsy supporting characters, and uncomfortable soul revealing scenes. The few action scenes are miserably bad, and it looks like this 'star' has fallen to the level of Seagal in his later years. Damme shame.
The only decent part of watching this dvd was having a listen to the dubbed audio, which sounded like a pack of Inspector Clouseau's doing hammy French accents - very funny.
My Rating

(From DCO third annual November Alphabet Marathon - discussion/review/banter thread on November 8th, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Avalanche (1978), a review by GSyren

TitleAvalanche (736991-218895)
DirectorCorey Allen
ActorsRock Hudson, Mia Farrow, Robert Forster, Jeanette Nolan, Rick Moses
Produced1978 in United States
Runtime91 minutes
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital Mono
OverviewA winter wonderland becomes a nightmare of destruction, when an avalanche smashes into a ski resort. Now a holiday vacation will become a struggle for survival.
My thoughtsSomeone mentioned this film recently, and I noticed that I had a pan&scan release, so I got curious and checked if there was a widescreen release. I found that there wasn't, but moreover I found that the release I own now sells for ridiculous prices. $92.98 new on Amazon!

I hadn't watched it for 10 years, so I didn't remember it too well. But I had a feeling that this couldn't be worth 93 bucks. Still, it made me wonder. So I dug it out and re-watched it. I couldn't believe I rated this 3 stars back then. It's barely a 2 star movie.

There is very little right about this movie. The actors look uninterested. The avalanche itself is a mix of stock footage and a styrofoam disaster. The script is... well I don't know what to say. It seems like the scriptwriter gave up half way through and just said “I don't have an ending, let's just shoot what I have”.

The only reason I give it 2 ½ stars now is that I really like disaster movies, and this one has one or two ok disaster scenes (and a whole lot of crap ones). But $92.98? $2.98 would be more appropriate!
My rating

(From Reviews and ramblings by Gunnar on June 8th, 2014)

Member's TV Reviews

Bionic Woman (2007) Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Disc 2:
5. The Education of Jamie Sommers
Jamie experiences college when she goes undercover as a student to investigate a professor—but the case gets complicated when she falls for the teacher's assistant, who is also a suspect.

My Thoughts:
This is a very good episode... is one of my favorites. Going into this knowing the actress that plays Jaime Sommers is from the UK I thought it was pretty cool that for her cover  she was a British student that transfered in. Gave me a chance to hear what I would suppose her real accent sounds like. The episode not only has a nice amount of action... but it is a lot of fun. I enjoyed every second of it.

6. The List
Tom and Jamie are partnered and sent to Paris, where they struggle to maintain a professional relationship.

My Thoughts:
Another really good episode. The episodes are definitely improving as they go a on. This episode has a good story... a nice amount of action and continues her budding relationship with the CIA agent. Of course it also touches on Jaime's home life as well.

7. Trust Issues
Jonas appoints Jamie and Antonio to stop an assassination plot, but Jamie soon doubts whether she can trust her partner.

My Thoughts:
This is a good... but not great episode. For some reason I found myself just not caring much about the mission they were on and the situation with Antonio... while it was a decent story I just didn't find that much interest in it.

8. Do Not Disturb
A much-needed spa vacation is anything but restful for Jamie when she is pulled into a deadly game of cat and mouse with another hotel guest.

My Thoughts:
This is another episode that I liked a lot. In this episode Jaime gets to really think about whether it is right or not to tell her teen sister her secret. Unfortunately this is the last ever episode of Bionic Woman.
My Over-All Thoughts:
Now over all what do I think of the Bionic Woman remake? When all is said and done I enjoyed it very much and glad I have it in my collection. I just wish it was never canceled. And to this day I blame the writer's strike for it being canceled. How would I compare this Bionic Woman to the original? I absolutely loved the original... the stories were great and the effects while lower tech then they are now were still fun to watch.On this remake I enjoyed most the stories. The effects in the remake are more awe inspiring then they were fun. Of course that is not a bad thing. Just different. I do like Jaime's home life in the remake a little better... as I like the addition of the younger sister that Jaime must raise while dealing with her new life. I think in the case of The Bionic Woman I don't prefer one over the other. I believe I enjoyed both equally... but for different reasons.

The quality of this set is as good as to be expected being a new series. Extras wise... while not what I would call loaded there is a respectable amount. On disc one we get a commentary track on the pilot with Executive Producer David Eick. On the second disc w get some featurettes. We get The Making of the Car Crash, The Stunts, Real Life Bionics. Then we get documentary style profiles on the Characters as we get the actors/actresses talking to you about their character on the show. Some interesting stuff but nothing overly impressive.

So in my opinion this is a good set for a really enjoyable series that ended well before it's time. Once again... I believe that is thanks to the writer's strike.

(From Bionic Woman (2007) Marathon on September 3rd, 2008)