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Member's Reviews

The Reaping, a review by Rich

Title: The Reaping

Movie Count:30  
TV Ep. Count:17  

Genres:Suspense/Thriller, Horror

Plot:My Review:
Swank delivers a solid performance in this battle of good against evil, full of twists and turns although the ending was fairly easy to predict. The deep South setting was atmospheric and mysterious enough to work, however not sure why they casted David Morrissey doing an American accent as the science teacher? The biblical plague effects were special,
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, and the significant budget shows throuh in excellent production and slick pace and casting.
Perhaps not hardcore enough in gore or frights for huge horror fans, and certainly not popular with critics, I personally enjoyed this and with todays low price recommend it.

My Rating
Out of a Possible 5

(From Rich's October Horror Fest on October 23rd, 2009)

Member's Reviews

Zatoichi the Outlaw, a review by Antares

Zatoichi the Outlaw (1967) 56/100 - This, the sixteenth film in the successful Zatoichi franchise is loaded with many firsts for the blind swordsman series. For the first time we get to see some blood spurting when Ichi slices an opponent, which in my opinion, is what was finally needed to make the action more palpable. This film also marks the initial offering of its star, Shintaro Katsu, as producer, under the auspices of his newly formed company, Katsu Productions. Katsu also sings what will become the series' theme song and damn, if he doesn't have a fine voice too. The final first is personal, for this was the first film in this marathon that I did not like at all. It's badly directed, sloppily edited and has a confusing storyline that had me look at the clock a few too many times before it ended. And although it never materializes, you get a sense that there's going to be a bit of pinku creeping in down the line as the following films are made. There's a quasi rape scene in the middle of the film, which if it had been made a couple of years later, would probably have had some gratuitous nudity attached to it. You can tell that either Daiei or Katsu himself, are tossing the idea around in their heads.

Teal = Masterpiece
Dark Green = Classic or someday will be
Lime Green = A good, entertaining film
Orange = Average
Red = Cinemuck
Brown = The color of crap, which this film is

(From Antares' Short Summations on June 17th, 2014)

Member's TV Reviews

Veronica Mars Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Veronica Mars
Season 3 Disc 2

5. President Evil
Bad news for the thugs who hold up an illegal campus casino: Veronica's among the victims. And she is seriously ticked off when they score the necklace Lilly gave her.

My Thoughts:
A good episode. It is not what I would call a Halloween episode... but they do let on that it is Halloween time and do see a scene with them in costumes. I liked the weekly mystery here as well as the side story with Keith Mars.

My Rating:

6. Hi, Infidelity
"I want someone like you in my program." Veronica's hot-shot criminology professor is wowed by her term paper...until a classmate accuses her of plagiarism. Wallace gives up hoops to focus on his studies.

My Thoughts:
This is another one I liked. I like the hunt veronica was on to see how her "A" paper got on the net.

My Rating:

7. Of Vice and Men
When the men in Veronica's life let her down, she takes refuge in Wallace and Piz's empty dorm room. But wouldn't you know, the guy next door is missing and his girlfriend wants Veronica's help finding him.

My Thoughts:
Another right good one that I enjoyed quite a bit. I especially liked the turn the ending took.

My Rating:

8. Lord of the Pi's
Frat rats. Fakers. A keester egg. A missing heiress. And a chubby Theta Beta stepping off the sorority house roof. They all figure in a trustee vote that may end the Greek system at Hearst.

My Thoughts:
Not a bad episode... though it could have been better. I found I just didn't care too much about the whole missing heiress storyline.

My Rating:

Disc 2 Thoughts:
Over all this disc was right gfood... I really enjoyed most the episodes. Unfortunately once again this is a DVD with no extras.

(From Veronica Mars Marathon on April 18th, 2010)