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Member's Reviews

Domestic Disturbance, a review by Eric

Paycheck:  It's definitely not the movie of the century.....or the decade.....not even the year it came out but it's a good movie anyway.  As I expected the surround sound was interesting, I'm usually not a big fan of 5.1 but in certain movies I like it.  Ben Half Luck is equal to himself in this movie (read "not very good") and Uma Thurman is, as usual, not very pretty but sexy and kind of charming.  I personally never like Eckhart, I think he has the face of a clerk, not an actor, no matter what he plays I always only see him, never his character.

That said, if you want to sit in a vegetative state and watch a movie for two hours "Paycheck" is a good candidate.

Domestic Disturbance:  That's a good thriller with some good actors,  Travolta is good in that kind of movies.  I didn't remember the title but when the movied began I remembered I had seen it before however I didn't mind watching it again although I remembered the whole thing.  There is one of those movies where you can only sit and wait to see when what you already guessed will happen actually happens.  It's a good movie if you've never seen it but it's definitely not a "repeater".

(From The "Quebec Storm" marathon. on March 9th, 2008)

Member's Reviews

High Anxiety, a review by Dragonfire

High Anxiety

My Thoughts

I'm not sure when I first saw this one.  I really enjoyed it then even though I hadn't seen all the Hitchcock movies that were being spoofed.  Until this last time I watched it, I had just noticed the references to Psycho, The Birds, and Vertigo.  I noticed a bunch of other references this time, even going back to The Lodger, one of Hitchcock's silent movies. 

The story dealing with Dr. Thorndyke becoming the new head of the institute is interesting, though it could have been a bit stronger.  A lot of what happens does seem to be just done as an opportunity to poke fun at a Hitchcock movie.  That may disappoint some viewers, but I think it works overall and makes for a fun, entertaining movie.  There is something a bit darker about this one than the other Mel Brooks movies I've seen.  That darker tone works perfectly since the movie is spoofing Hitchcock movies, several of which get rather dark.  There is a good amount of humor to what is happening throughout the movie, though this isn't the funniest Mel Brooks movie that I've seen.  That may disappoint some people expecting the movie to be funnier.

The movie uses some unique shots, something that Hitchcock did in most of his movies.  One scene is shot through a fish tank which gives a unique look to the scene.  The fish in the tank look like little sharks which fits considering one of the characters involved.  Another scene is shot up through a glass table.  That is very much like when a glass floor was used in The Lodger to show someone pacing back and forth upstairs.  Since that movie was silent, Hitchcock had to find a way other than hearing footsteps to show the pacing.  The scene in High Anxiety is a bit twisted though..the characters keep putting stuff down on the table, blocking the camera.  There is a funny, if somewhat gross, scene that is inspired by The Birds.  The recreation of the shower scene from Psycho is wonderful. 

The characters are interesting and entertaining.  Nurse Diesel is very stern and a bit scary with the way she acts.  Cloris Leachman is wonderful in the part.  I do like Mel Brooks as Thorndyke.  The bellhop, played by Barry Levinson, is only in a few scenes, but he is very entertaining.  Madeline Kahn does really well as Victoria, the blonde who gets mixed up in what is going on.

The Blu-ray has a very interesting featurette that has Brooks and some of the other people who worked on the movie talking about the movie.  Brooks talks about how much he loved Hitchcock movies. He sent Hitchcock the script and got suggestions back.  Hitchcock really liked the movie when he saw it.  His granddaughter is also shown, talking about how the family enjoyed the movie so much and finding all the references to her grandfather's movies in it.  The other extras are a trivia track and a test.  The test thing pops up silly questions while the movie plays.  I only saw a few of them, but it was kind of fun. 

I really enjoyed this movie.  I do think it is worth watching, though it probably won't appeal to everyone.

I did get a review posted on Epinions.

High Anxiety

(From Dragonfire88's Alphabet Marathon on July 13th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

"Friends" Marathon, a review by Rogmeister

The One With The Boobies--Chandler accidentally sees Rachel naked, Joey learns his father has been having an affair for 6 years and Phoebe is dating a creepy psychologist named Roger.  This is a kind of fun episode that has a fair amount of stuff going on. 

The One With The Candy Hearts--Joey convinces Chandler to join him on a double date, but it turns out Chandler's date is Janice who he has broken up with twice in the last 5 months.  The girls have a boyfriend bonfire party that gets out of control and Ross goes on a date but it turns out his ex-wife Carol is at the same restaurant.  Janice utters her first "" in this episode.  Ross and Carol share a nice moment after Ross' date has walked out on the date.  Chandler winds up sleeping with Janice...but, of course, it isn't long before he has to break up with her again.

The One With The Stoned Guy--Monica has a chance at a chef's job but on the night she is cooking for the restaurant owner (Jon Lovitz) he shows up stoned after smoking weed.  Joey instructs Ross on the fine art of talking dirty to his date while Chandler quits his job because he decides it's not what he wants to do...but he eventually goes back when his boss offers him more money and a big office.  At the end, Phoebe gets a bit of revenge on the restaurant owner when he comes in for a massage...and she gives him a fairly rough one.

(From "Friends" Marathon on July 12th, 2009)