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Member's Reviews

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, a review by Tom

     Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004/India)
IMDb | Wikipedia

Splendid Film (Germany)
Director:David Dhawan
Writing:Anees Bazmee (Writer), Rumi Jaffery (Screenwriter)
Length:164 min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35
Audio:German: Dolby Digital 5.1, Hindi: Dolby Digital 5.1

Salman Khan
Akshay Kumar
Priyanka Chopra
Amrish Puri
Kader Khan

Sameer is a hot-headed youngsters with a knack of getting into brawls. When his girlfriend dumps him, he is heartbroken and relocates to Goa to work as a lifeguard. He falls for his next-door neighbour Rani, but Rani dislikes him because Sameer had slapped her father by mistake. On top of it, Sameer's new roommate Sunny is a lecherous playboy who has the hots for Rani. This results into a zany battle of wits between Sameer and Sunny over who will win Rani's heart.

IIFA Awards (2005)  Best Background Score (Salim Suleman)
IIFA Awards (2005)  Best Choreography (Farah Khan)
IIFA Awards (2005)  Best Comedian (Akshay Kumar)
IIFA Awards (2005)  Best Costume Designer (Vikram Phadnis)
Filmfare Awards (2005)  Best Comedian Award (Akshay Kumar)
Filmfare Awards (2005)  Best Female Playback Award ("Lal Dupatta": Alka Yagnik)
Filmfare Awards (2005)  Best Supporting Actor Award (Akshay Kumar)

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My Thoughts:
A boring run-of-the-mill movie with a lot of stereotypes. Priyanka Chopra is again the love interest without substance, where the main character falls in love with her on first sight. An attraction which obviously can only be based on her looks. I found it strange at first, that the characters played by Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are reversed to what I would expect both of them to play. But I must admit it worked here. Amrish Puri is typecast as the strict father of the love interest. But it is a role he plays well.


(From 2010 December Marathon - Discussion thread on December 5th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Goosebumps: It Came From Beneath the Sink, a review by addicted2dvd

Goosebumps: It Came From Beneath the Sink
Kat finds a strange sponge under the kitchen sink at her new house, a sponge that has eyes and fangs, that makes bad, unlucky things happen whenever it's around. When Kat, Daniel, and Daniel's friend Carlos get rid of the sponge, they learn from research that whoever finds the sponge and gets rid of it, will die...

Nicholas has a new baby sister, Grace. But one day she makes a message that says "only me" with her blocks and Nicholas realizes that Grace is no normal baby. She wants to be an only child and she'll do anything to get rid of him...

Brittany's Thoughts:
I personally got a kick out of both episodes. In "It Came From Beneath the Sink", all of the bad luck and stuff was cool, and I liked the ending with the vampire potato, but I really got a kick out of the little bedroom she made for it. "Strained Peas"  was cool too with the killer baby, only it lost me at the end when both babies were that weird, especially showing the first baby's parents. It just lost me.

My Thoughts:
This disc contained 2 fun episodes... I enjoyed them both... but I have to admit I personally enjoyed "Strained Peas" a bit more... it was fun seeing the baby doing all that weird stuff and try to get rid of her older brother. The first episode was good too... but I thought that the look of the sponge was a bit over the top. I did get a kick out of the vampire potato though.

(From Father/Daughter Marathon Review: R.L. Stein on March 23rd, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

Sliders Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

17. THE EXODUS (Part 2)
Quinn and Maggie begin sliding to other worlds to scout for the perfect location while Wade and Arturo must contend with the egomaniac Colonel Rickman as they argue over who will be saved. Meanwhile, a serial killer has invaded the base and is systematically putting people into a coma.

My Thoughts:
The search for the new world continues. While I know it was needed,,, I have always had mixed feelings about the Rickman storyline. I just never cared for the character. I wouldn't say it is a storyline that gets boring. But it does get kinda old after the first time you view it. Seems weird but basically that multi-episode storyline don't have as much rewatch value as the rest of the series does.This is also the episode we say goodbye to Professor Arturo. But all that said... it is the end of a very good 2-parter episode.

My Rating:


Quinn is bitten by a zombie, infecting him with a flesh-eating, zombie-making virus.

My Thoughts:
Just by the description I am sure you know that I liked this episode! I thought they did the zombies pretty cool... and liked the effects they used for the dead (and eaten) corpse they found when they first slid onto this Earth. The glowing eyes were pretty cool as well.

My Rating:

On a world with a mandatory organ-donor program, Maggie is infected with a parasite that seeks out mates a-la-Species.

My Thoughts:
Oh... this is another really good episode. And this one makes 2 in a row that is somewhat horror related. You know I love that! Of course even as the plot says... this one is pretty much a rip-off of the movie Species. But I still enjoyed every minute of it. It really has been a great run of episodes here lately.

My Rating:

On a world plagued by earthquakes and populated by primitive people, Wade stumbles upon a vast, deserted underground city overrun by a race of nonhuman creatures.

My Thoughts:
This one is a little on the confusing side. Not the story... but the fact that this episode has Professor Arturo in it. I don't know if this set is in Air Date order or if they just goofed up. But it did take away from the flow a of the story a bit. It also wasn't quite as good as the resent episodes. But it is still good.

My Rating:

(From Sliders Marathon on November 19th, 2009)