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Member's Reviews

Love, So Divine, a review by Tom

   Love, So Divine
IMDb | Wikipedia

Year:2004 / South Korea
Director:In-mu Heo
Writing:In-mu Heo (Writer), Eun-kyeong Yun (Writer)
Rating:Category IIA
Length:108 Min.
Video:Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78
Audio:Korean: DTS ES 6.1 (Discrete), Korean: Dolby Digital 5.1, Cantonese: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles:Chinese, English

Sang-woo Kwone as Kim 'Pedro' Gyu-shik
Ji-won Ha as Yang Bong-hie
In-kwon Kim as Shin Seon-dal
In-mun Kim as Father Nam
Seon-hwa Kim as Sister Kim

Kyushik is a serious theological student whose single and long-term goal is to serve God and become a priest. Just before his ordination, Kyushik is assigned to serve a small church in rural area. Kyushik meets Father Nam's niece, Bongshee, who just came back from the US, only to find that her "believed-to-be love of her life" has left for another girl. During his confession, Kyushik is ordered to prepare Bongshee for baptism.
Day by day, they are attracted to each other. As Kyushik's ordination date approaches, Bongshee's ex-boyfriend returns to win her back. They both must make the decisions of their lifetime.

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My Thoughts:
A good movie, but maybe a little disappointing. It's just your average romantic comedy without any real hightlights. Both actors did a good job though.


(From Tom's Random Reviews on October 19th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood
Movie Count: 96
TV Ep Count: 45
Other  Count: 2
Time Started: 6:45am
Ever since homicidal maniac Jason Voorhees got trapped in chains at the bottom of Crystal Lake, the nearby summer camp has operated without a hitch... without a murder. But one of this season's happy campers has brought along a deadly secret.

Tina Shepherd can see the future and levitate objects. Her doctor knows just how dangerous telekinesis can be, but he's out to exploit her, not help her. And now it's too late. Tina has accidentally unchained Jason from his watery grave and the bloodbath is underway.

Tina's special powers are her only hope for survival. But what chance does a teenage girl have against an axe-wielding maniac?

My Thoughts:
I hear a lot of people don't care for this one. Mostly the reason I have seen given is because of the girl with telekinetic powers. Even though it may have not been the best thing to go with... that is something that never really bothered me. The movie on a whole I feel is pretty good... no, it isn't the best movie I ever seen... but it is something I am able to enjoy with little effort. I feel it is definitely worth watching.

My Rating
Out of a Possible 5

(From My Month Long Horror/Halloween Marathon: 2008 on October 30th, 2008)

Member's TV Reviews

The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

21 Jump Street

What's the show about?
Young cops in their early twenties - who look even more younger than they are - are going undercover in high schools to investigate crimes that happen there - drug dealings, extortion, car thefts, ... The unit works out of an old chapel on Jump Street. Sometimes they go into a school alone, sometimes as buddies, sometimes as enemies. But in the end they bust the bad guys.

Officer Tom Hanson has a problem: He looks younger than he is and his colleagues and (what's worse) criminals don't take him seriously. Even though he has now a partner who is willing to work with him the captain can't risk his officers getting hurt or killed. But he has a solution: Hanson is transferred to an undercover unit where he meets his future partners: the officers Doug Penhall, Harry Ioki, the beautiful Judy Hoffs and their captain who was in Woodstock.

My Opinion
It was a cool show for its time but I bought the first season only for sentimental reasons. Now and then an episode is ok, but I wouldn't watch the entire show again. Still I enjoyed seeing Johnny Depp and Peter DeLouise in their early roles again. DeLouise (son of Dom DeLouise) has mostly stopped acting but instead became a director and producer, most notably on Stargate SG-1 where he has the occasional cameo.

And I don't think I have to say much about Depp:

(From The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon on September 11th, 2009)