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Member's Reviews

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil, a review by addicted2dvd

Title: Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil
Year: 1992
Director: Clay Borris
Rating: R
Length: 92 Min.
Video: Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio: English: Dolby Digital Stereo
Subtitles: N/A

Nikki de Boer
Alden Kane
Joy Tanner
Alle Ghadban
Ken McGregor

A maniacal killer stalks two young couples on the night of their prom in this fourth installment of the hit "Prom Night" series. After 33 years in captivity, a possessed man who is "evil beyond imagination" escapes and makes his way to a monastery he knows from his youth. But it is now a summer home where four teens are celebrating prom night in their own special way. The kids intended to make this an everning to remember...their uninvited guest turns it into a night of unspeakable terror you'll never forget!

Scene Access
Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:
Well this one is definitely better then part 3. It still not a realy good movie... but at least I was able to enjoy it. It was fun to see a young Nicole de Boer in this movie. I got to say I didn't care for her big puffed out hair of the time... but other then that she looked good. Especially in the few lingerie scenes she had. I didn't care too much for the strong religious theme to the movie though. Over-all a decent movie, I am not sorry I have it in my collection... though I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price for this movie. The DVD itself could have been much better. From what I understand there is some cut scenes in at least one of the movies, the movies are in Full Framed and there is no extra features what so ever on the disc. 

My Rating:
Out of a Possible 5

(From Weekend Movie Marathon: Multi-Themes on January 16th, 2010)

Member's Reviews

The Dream Team, a review by Dr. Hasslein

The Dream Team

Director: Howard Zieff
Year: 1989
Running Time: 113 Minutes
Rated: PG 13
Genre: Comedy

We begin with four patients of a sanitarium in New Jersey.
There’s Billy (Michael Keaton) who is a pathological liar and prone to violent behaviour. Henry (Christopher Lloyd) who is an obsessive compulsive and thinks he is one of the doctors on staff at the hospital. Jack (Peter Boyle) a former advertising executive who believes he is Jesus Christ. And finally Albert, (Stephen Furst) a man-child with an unusual obsession with baseball, constantly repeating phrases he has heard during games.

Their psychiatrist Dr. Jeff Weitzman (Dennis Boutsikaris) persuades the hospital’s administration to allow him to take them into the city to attend a baseball game at Yankee Stadium, convince that some fresh air and time away from the hospital will do his patients a world of good.

While in city during bathroom stop for Albert, Dr Weitzman witnesses a murder then he is attacked and hospitalized. When our four patients learn that their doctor is going to be murdered, they must each overcome their delusions and work together as a team to save him in time. 

My Thoughts
The movie starts off well, we’re introduced to the characters through a session of group therapy which gives us a good insight into each of their personalities. How the four patients interact with each other and their doctor as well as the dialogue is hilarious. The second half is when the plot begins to suffer. I think the idea these four delusional characters out roaming the streets of New York city provides an endless list of possibilities, but the plot of saving their doctor from corrupt police officers is not very creative I think. There are still quite plenty of laughs to be had, how ever it begins to drag and actually gets a little boring up until the end.

Performances all round are decent, Michael Keaton and Christopher Lloyd’s in particular.
A young Lorraine Bracco has a supporting role as Billy’s former love interest. A year later she earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas.
On a musical note the movie does features some hit songs such as Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles and 80’s hit Walk the Dinosaur by Was Not Was.

Overall I found this to be an entertaining comedy but it does have its draw backs.
The characters are the main reason to keep watching in spite of the unimaginative direction the plot takes later in the film.

DVD Details
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widscreen
Audio: Dolby Digital
Region: 1 NTSC (North America)

Special Features
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

(From The Dream Team on December 14th, 2010)

Member's TV Reviews

The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon, a review by DJ Doena

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

What's the show about?
Kwai Chang Caine was a priest at a Shaolin temple, where his son Peter also lived and studied. The temple was destroyed and father and son each thought the other had perished in the fire. For many years, Kwai Chang 'walked the earth,' while Peter became a big-city cop. Finally, they are reunited and now together they battle evil, using wisdom, martial arts, and occasionally even Peter's pistol.

What happened before?
Kwai's grandfather, Peter's great-grandfather was the Kwai Chang Caine from the series "Kung Fu".

A man comes to Chinatown of Los Angeles who looks like he stepped out of the movies "The Last Emperor". He prevents an assault on a chinese merchant but gets hurt in the process. Meanwhile the cop Peter Caine goes undercover to take out a Chinatown underground boss.

My Opinion
While I am not much into cop shows in general, I liked this one because I like martial arts. And this father and son are a great team. But the show hasn't been published here (except for the pilot).

(From The One Where It All Began: The Pilot Marathon on January 4th, 2008)