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Member's Reviews

Under the Roofs of Paris, a review by Danae Cassandra

Under the Roofs of Paris (Sous les toits de Paris)
Year of Release: 1930
Directed By: Rene Clair
Starring: Albert Prejean, Pola Illery, Edmond Greville, Bill Bocket, Gaston Modot
Genre: Drama, Romance, Musical

In René Clair's irrepressibly romantic portrait of the crowded tenements of Paris, a street singer and a gangster vie for the love of a beautiful young woman. This witty exploration of love and human foibles, told primarily through song, captures the flamboyant atmosphere of the city with sophisticated visuals and groundbreaking use of the new technology of movie sound. An international sensation upon its release, Under the Roofs of Paris is an exhilarating celebration of filmmaking and one of France's most beloved cinematic exports.

My Thoughts:
This is an early sound film, so it very much comes off in style as a silent film.  Clair is sparing with his use of sound, but he uses it in interesting ways so as not to give up the freedoms of camera movement.  The filmmaking here is unique and excellent.  Clair's camera and vision make Paris the uncredited co-star here.

Sadly, the story isn't quite as good as Clair's filmmaking, as its a fairly conventional one of a beautiful girl and the men who vie for her attention.  The actors all do a good job, and don't come off quite as hammy as most silent actors.  I enjoyed the film, and it's an important work historically, but I'd only recommend it if you like silent cinema (even though it's a talkie).

Bechdel Test: Fail
Mako Mori Test: Fail

Overall: 3/5

(From July Movie Marathon: Musicals (Yes... You read right!) on July 8th, 2016)

Member's Reviews

Sedmikrásky, a review by goodguy

  Sedmikrásky (CZ 1966, AKA Daisies)IMDb

Director:  Vera Chytilová
Writer:Vera Chytilová, Pavel Jurácek, Ester Krumbachová
Cast:Ivana Karbanová, Jitka Cerhová
DVD:Second Run (UK 2009)

My rating:

Anarcho-feminist slapstick about two girls deciding to go bad because the world has gone mad. It's quite fun, with often wildly creative use of images and sound, but also a little tiresome in its completely unrestrained approach. I'm not a big fan of slapstick and I lean more towards surrealism than dadaism, which is why I ultimately prefer Rivette's Céline and Julie over Chytilová's Marie and Marie. However, one should not forget where and when this film was made and I greatly admire Chytilová's ultimate f**k-you attitude that doesn't even deem her totalitarian opponents worthy of discourse.


(From goodguy's Watch Log on July 21st, 2011)

Member's TV Reviews

Angel Marathon, a review by addicted2dvd

Angel: Season 4

16. Players
Original Air Date: 3/26/2003
Angel and the gang set out to find out as much as they can about Cordelia's pregnancy and the identity of The Beast's master while Gwen Raiden (guest star Alexa Davalos) enlists Gunn's help to crash a black-tie affair and rescue a kidnapped girl.

Guest Stars:
Alexa Davalos
Dana Lee
David Monahan
Hope Shin

My Thoughts:
Another good episode... though not quite as good as the "Evil Angel" episodes. What can I say... I like it when Angel goes all bad-ass in the episodes.  :P

My Rating:

(From Angel Marathon on March 19th, 2010)