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Iron Man 2
« on: May 10, 2010, 02:14:13 AM »
I went to see Iron Man 2 on Friday.  I really enjoyed the movie overall and think it is a good sequel. 

I recently read a book about Iron Man that covered the history of the character and some of the more important story lines.  While I think the plot for the movie is original, I think some parts of it were inspired by the various comic books.  I think the plot works very well and it does offer some character growth for Tony/Iron Man.  Several things are going on without making the movie too confusing.  Tony is dealing with the US government wanting to take control of the Iron Man technology.  A new enemy turns up working with a business rival while Tony struggles with another problem.

This movie definitely builds on the first one.  I do think the movies should be watched in order.  This one picks up about six months after the end of the first movie.  The press conference from the end of the first movie is even heard and seen during the first few minutes of the new movie.  That helps to give motivation to Ivan, the new villain for the movie.  Some of the scenes dealing with introducing Ivan and setting up things with him do move a little slower, but it isn't slow enough to make things boring.  There is a good amount of action throughout the movie that is done well and helps to keep things interesting.  Violence does turn up in several scenes without it being excessive or that graphic.  The special effects are done well and create some cool scenes. 

Some more serious things do come up during the movie.  Those things are handled well and work for what is going on.  I've read some complaints about one of the subplots - that deals with a more serious issue - being a waste of time.  I don't feel that way at all.  It provides the opportunity for growth for Tony.  Yes he does basically fall apart at one point, but there is a reason for that.  Also, that has happened to him in the comics a few times in some of his more well known stories, so it makes sense to me for something like that to end up in the movie.  It doesn't go as far in the movie as it did in the comics, but it still works.  After seeing the movie, I saw another review that complained that the Iron Man suit changed in appearance.  Tony changed the armor a few times in the first movie and he was frequently modifying or improving the armor in some way in the comics, so it makes sense for the armor to change in the movie. 

Tony is a complex character that is still evolving in this movie.  He has flaws and can be a jerk at times, but he still manages to be a likable character.  Robert Downey Jr. is wonderful in the part.  I can't imagine anyone else being Tony/Iron Man.  Gwyneth Paltrow is fine as Pepper, though she doesn't have as much to do.  I do like what happens with Tony and Pepper.  James Rhodes is still Tony's friend, though there are issues between the friends.  I do like Don Cheadle in the part.  Rhodey does get to be War Machine this time.  Samuel L. Jackson gets a bit more to do as Nick Fury.  He is also laying more groundwork for the future Avengers movie.  Natalie is a new character working with Tony and then Pepper.  Natalie  is supposed to be Black Widow from the comics, though she is never called by that name.

Ivan has a huge grudge against Tony.  He isn't that developed, but he works as a villain and Mickey Rourke does well with the part.  Justin Hammer owns a business that is a rival of Stark Industries.  Justin just wants to outdo Tony any way he can.  He is very arrogant and a huge jerk.  Sam Rockwell does well with the part.  I've read that he was actually considered for Tony/Iron Man originally.  I don't think that would have worked and I'm glad the part went to Downey Jr. instead. 

There is a short scene after the credits that is helping to set up another Marvel movie.

I really enjoyed Iron Man 2.  I'll probably see it again and I'm sure I'll get the DVD..or maybe Blu-ray.

I did get a review posted on Epinions if anyone wants to take a look.

Iron Man 2